April the giraffe latest updates and Animal Adventure Park news

April The Giraffe Latest News And Animal Adventure Park Update, Live Cam Returns Watch Videos Now

There’s a lot of activity happening at the Animal Adventure Park (AAP). After April the giraffe gave birth on April 15, 2017, the live cam remained online for approximately one week, then it was taken down. The Animal Adventure Park shared numerous videos, including those featuring April giving birth to her calf, but the demand for the live cam remains high. As of Tuesday, April 25, 2017, the live giraffe cam returned, and millions of viewers were thrilled. You can watch April the giraffe, her boyfriend Oliver (Ollie), and their calf every Tuesday between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. ET. Check out the videos from Tuesday’s live cam, as well as other important Animal Adventure Park videos below.

Watch April the Giraffe via the Live Giraffe Cam Every Tuesday

On April 28, 2017, the Animal Adventure Park shared a new photo showing April and her giraffe calf outside. This marks the first time the calf has ventured outdoors and is an exciting experience for both April and her baby. You may view the photo as shared on the Animal Adventure Park Facebook page below. Those who subscribe to the AAP text alerts have access to photos before the public and media.

Toys “R” Us sponsored the live giraffe cam, and once April gave birth to her calf, the sponsor switched to Babies “R” Us. Babies “R” Us continues to bring the latest April the giraffe and calf news as well as Animal Adventure Park updates. You can check out the latest videos from the Animal Adventure Park, including one of owner Jordan Patch opening and reading April the giraffe’s fan mail in the video playlist below.

In addition to the live giraffe cam returning every Tuesday, the latest news at the Animal Adventure Park is in regard to their calf naming contest. The top 10 names have been selected, and the second round of voting is currently underway. The Animal Adventure Park is set to reveal the winning name for April’s calf on May 1, 2017. Here is a post where the Animal Adventure Park updated the public regarding the contest. The top name is “Allysa’s Choice.” Keep in mind, this would not be the name of the giraffe, but in honor of the special relationship that April has with her keeper, Allysa Swilley, Allysa would select the calf’s name.

The second most popular name for April’s giraffe calf is Apollo. This name is an acronym for April and Oliver (the first two letters of each name).

Also announced this week was the winner of a free Animal Adventure Park season pass. As the Inquisitr previously reported, those who commented on a particular thread on the Animal Adventure Park Facebook page were entered into the contest. Congratulations to the winner. You may learn more about the contest and the winner below.

The Animal Adventure Park opens for their fifth season on May 13, 2017. It is expected the park will have a successful season following the viral spread of the live giraffe cam and April. Millions watched the live cam daily from February until April, and the zoo continues to be a popular attraction. You can find the latest information on the Animal Adventure Park and April the giraffe at the official site and Facebook page. Check out the links below for more information regarding April the giraffe memorabilia and Animal Adventure Park news.

More than 200 animals live at the Harpursville, New York Animal Adventure Park and petting zoo, and there are plans for expansion. Those following the latest AAP updates know they continue to experience growth as many of their animals have recently given birth. Since the park has so many animals, requests have been made for owner Jordan Patch to set up permanent zoo cams and not just in the giraffe barn. Fans want to see other animals on live cam in addition to April and Oliver. What do you think? Would you like to see other Animal Adventure Park cams stream live from the zoo?

Here are the latest photos of April the giraffe, Oliver, and their calf shared by the Animal Adventure park.

Are you still following April the giraffe and her calf? Will you visit the Animal Adventure Park this summer? Would you like owner Jordan Patch to set up more live animal cams like the giraffe cam? Feel free to leave your comments in the section below.

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