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Nicolas Cage Makes Cameos In Classic Movies [Video]

You know what Scream, Back to the Future and The Good The Bad And The Ugly need more of? Yep, Nicolas Cage.

Cage has been scheduling movie after movie in order to earn some money and pay back his tax debt and now the actor is even starting to make some cameos in classic films.

Classic Movies: Now with More Nic Cage was created by Youtube user Pleated Jeans.

The description reads:

“I got tired of Nic Cage always asking me ‘How am I not in THAT MOVIE!?’ So, I decided to insert him into a bunch of classic films. I think you’ll agree that any movie is instantly 100 times better when you add Nicolas Cage.”

The spoof video puts Nic Cage in movies like Hot Fuzz, Scream, Office Space, Juno and My Girl.

Some of the cameos work better than others but I think we can all agree that these movies are slightly better now that Nicolas Cage is in them.

Rumors floated around last year that the actor was actually a time traveling vampire so maybe this montage wasn’t created with movie magic. Maybe Nic Cage was really desperate to pay off his tax debt so he traveled back in time to pick up a few extra roles.


Here’s the video of Nicolas Cage making cameos in classic movies.