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Celtics, Nets Fight: Watch Rajon Rondo Brawl With Kris Humphries [Video]

Rajon Rondo

Boston, MA — Rajon Rondo and two other players were thrown out of last night’s Nets-Celtics game for fighting.

As a result, Celtics guard Rajon Rondo sabotaged his own efforts to break the NBA assists record when he got into a tussle with Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries. For his part, Humphries perhaps thought he was in divorce court with Kim Kardashian.

The fight started when Rondo took exception to a hard foul by Humphries on Celtics center Kevin Garnett (see video below) and went after Humphries. At the time, Brooklyn was comfortably ahead 51-35. The Nets cruised to victory over the Rondo-less Celtics by a score of 95-83.

NBA refs decided to eject both Rondo and Humphries for their role in the brawl as ESPN explains:

“After a video review, the referees ejected both Humphries and Rondo for fighting — crew chief James Capers later explained to a pool reporter that by going into the stands, the two were involved in a fight that required ejection. Humphries earned two technical fouls, including one for taking Garnett to the floor with a second personal foul after the initial contact.”

Gerald Wallace of the Nets was also ejected.

The Celtics expect Rondo to be suspended for one or more games by the NBA commissioner’s office for his part in the brawl. A ruling on a possible Rondo suspension could come as early as today.

The NBA assists record, for now, is out of Rondo’s reach, as ESPN details:

“With the ejection, Rondo’s 37-game streak of at least 10 assists was snapped, keeping him tied with John Stockton for the second-longest run in NBA history (and short of Magic Johnson’s 46-game record). Rondo had three assists over 18 minutes.”

Watch the Celtics vs. Nets brawl that culminated in the ejection of Rajon Rondo and Kris Humphries:

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4 Responses to “Celtics, Nets Fight: Watch Rajon Rondo Brawl With Kris Humphries [Video]”

  1. Bill McBride

    The looks on KG's and Humphries' faces when they announced the techs/ejections are hilarious. I imagine that was KG's face as a kid when he was about to get in trouble but was hoping for the smallest possible punishment. Then it flashes over to Kris and he's just some homicidal maniac who clearly was affected by what happened wih Kim Kardashian. I mean, that dude is a beast just in terms of testosterone, he's just an angry, crazy guy and I'm not sure he's stable. Go to 1:25 on that video and tell me those eyes don't belong to a man who's conscious was ripped out of his life about the same time his wife was.

  2. ChewTheDirt

    Well Rondo certainly took that to the next level, no need for that except to make him look like an idiot. Saw this NBA analyst tear into Rondo for that brilliant move. All for having your teammates back but that was just a punk move…

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