Kim Kardashian's Mexico Bikini Butt Photos Bring Cellulite Fat Shamers, Fake Butt Injection Buzz, Boxer's Diss

Kim Kardashian’s Mexico Bikini Butt Photos Bring Cellulite Fat Shamers, Fake Butt Injection Buzz, Boxer’s Diss

Kim Kardashian’s new photos in a bikini in Mexico seem to be causing more uproar than usual. Kardashian’s photos in a bikini even prompted Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin, a former WBO middleweight champ, to post the photos of Kim’s bikini and butt and write the following description about how women who want to emulate Kardashian might be going down a dangerous road.

Kim Kardashian’s Bikini Photos Bring Questions Of Butt Injections

In the comments section of plenty of Instagram accounts that have reposted Kim’s bikini photos, there are lots of accusations of Kardashian having a “fake” butt, or criticism over the un-retouched photos.

Whereas Kardashian has never admitted to getting butt injections, and evenly famously went on TV to have her butt X-rayed to prove that she didn’t have butt implants, other women are making news for harmful cosmetic surgeries.

As reported by the Inquisitr, 23-year-old Kristyna Martelli is rumored to have died after getting 100 surgeries, a process that Kristyna admitted beginning as a 17-year-old who was enamored by woman online with curvy figures. Unlike Kim, Tami Roman is a reality TV star who recently admitted that she indulged too much in butt injections and made her own butt too big, as seen in the below interview with Roman on The Breakfast Club radio show.

Yahoo notes that Kardashian wore a Dior bikini and showed off her body, cellulite and all. The publication claims that, like many others who are used to seeing photos of Kim that have passed through Photoshop filters, many people didn’t realize Kardashian had cellulite. The publication continues to note that Kardashian claimed she was fat shamed after having her milkshake altered because someone didn’t want her to drink the milkshake.

Photos like the one above of Kardashian in her bikini accuse the reality star of being past her prime.

Perhaps as response to all the butt backlash, Kardashian posted the following Snapchat video, which featured Kim showing off her bikini body once more, then posted a photo of her backside in the bikini and giving the camera a kiss, as if to tell some viewers to kiss her butt.

Whereas some people called Kardashian’s body “amazing” on some now-deleted Instagram posts after having birthed two children, others are begging to differ and having differing responses to Kim’s bikini body, especially her butt.

Ким Кардашьян назвала свое тело безупречным. Ким Кардашьян в компании сестры Кортни и ассистентки Стефани Шеппард продолжает наслаждаться отдыхом в Мексике. Обычно 36-летняя светская львица старается не обращать внимания на критику пользователей сети, но в этот раз жену Канье Уэста задели за живое. После того, как вчера в прессе появились снимки Ким в бикини от Dior, хейтеры буквально "проехались" по пятой точке звезды. Обладательницу пышных форм назвали "целлюлитной и дряблой". Мама 2 детей не стала отмалчиваться и сразу же написала в Твиттере всем обидчикам: "Вы спросите, а что я? Я лежу на пляже вся такая изумительная с моим безупречным телом!". #kimkardashian #кимкардашьян #кардашьян #фигура #знаменитости

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On Twitter, Kim called her own body flawless, as if to clapback at all of those folks giving her grief over her body.

Compared to the highly retouched photos of Kim’s glistening and seemingly smooth butt during her photoshoot that appeared in Paper and “broke the internet,” the new photos of Kim’s body in Mexico are getting plenty of commentary online.

A sampling of some of the comments that Kardashian is receiving about her body, mostly her butt, can be read below.

“No one can lose weight and not lose any in the butt! You can see liposuction and injection sites. The pictures are not flattering and no Doctor will reject $ especially in LA. Notice in recent pictures it’s usually frontal when she is out and about. Sad very sad.”

“You look horrendous! Please put the filter back on! Don’t u realize u ruined ur body with all those injections????? You were beautiful once and now you’re a complete mess. Bag of tennis balls.”

“Her body is so deformed​ with all the surgery.”

“She needs to stop with those butt injections, looks unhealthy.”

“You can see the injection marks omg why would anyone want this??? Dear God!!”

“Ewwwww look at her hips??? It looks like they are stuffed, very awkward looking on her legs!”

“That’s so ugly and not natural, ur butt is too big comparing to ur body and that’s not attractive at all!”

“She needs to shave it down some so it doesn’t look so eff up on the sides- the butt and hips don’t match her frame. Khloe matches.”

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