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Hungry Kids Revolt Over Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Program [Tweets From Angry Kids]

Michelle Obama has made childhood nutrition her hot button issue. She really wants to tackle the obesity problem in America head on. Well, her first attempt at the issue has lead to a huge backlash from the kids she was hoping to help. Most nutritionists agree that the way to combat obesity is through well balanced and healthy cooking. Unfortunately doing that would send school lunch budgets into the stratosphere. So what was the brilliant idea? Make lunches smaller.

It is a simple concept. Smaller lunches mean less calories, less calories makes skinnier children. There is one flaw in the theory. By making the lunches smaller all they are doing is making kids go through the day hungry. The alternative to being hungry is to buy two lunches which doesn’t lower calories, and it costs twice as much. Free lunch students, some of whom only eat their one meal a day at school, are even worse hit.

Making smaller portion sizes seems to make sense on paper. It was the logic behind New York City’s newest absurd law that drinks with sugar in them are limited to 16 ounces per serving by law. Sounds great right? Less sugar means healthier people, well all id did was make it more expensive for people to buy the amount of sugary soda that they want to drink. Now spending more money they are less likely to let even one sip go to waste where they might have thrown out the Big Gulp when they felt satisfied.

Check out the kids reactions to Michelle Obama’s lunch program:

Michelle Obama has ruined school lunches.

— NOVEMBER 29. (@madyysuee) November 26, 2012