Gamers get their own wine

While gamers are commonly associated with more *cough* refined tipples such as Mountain Dew, the chaps at Woot Cellars are aiming a little higher.

Available to buy now, each bottle of this Boss Monster 2007 Zinfandel will set you back $15 per bottle, or $65 for six. It’s surprisingly cheap to look more suave and hip than usual at your next LAN party. No, seriously, that’s actually possible. Here’s more:

“This 2007 Zinfandel delivers the fruit and spice characteristic of its native valley, sweet ripe blackberry laced with the tiniest dusting of black pepper. It’s a power-up you can get without breaking some bricks with your head.”

It’s 14.7% alcohol volume, which is more than most wines, if my absinthe-ravaged brain serves me right. A nice pressie for the gamer in your life, perhaps. If only there were some sort of gift-giving holiday coming up …

[Wine.Woot, via NerdSalad]