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Immigration Reform: Nine Principles Plan Introduced By Democrats

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Democratic heavy weights from both houses of Congress presented a plan with nine principles to guide the nation through “comprehensive” immigration reform. The politicians claimed that such a plan would contribute to the economic recovery, according to Fox News Latino.

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus held a press conference at the Capitol to unveil the immigration reform plan. The lawmakers insisted that changing the way immigration is handled in the United States could not be postponed any longer. The 113th Congress is the best time to bring illegal aliens “out of the shadows,” according to statements made during the revealing of the nine principles.

Democratic New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez believes that overhauling America’s immigration laws would enhance the country’s gross domestic product by approximately $1.5 trillion over the course of the next decade.

Illinois Democratic Representative Luis Gutierrez had this to about the nine principles plan:

“We can, and should, make history in this session of Congress by passing comprehensive immigration reform.”

The plan announced on Wednesday evening requests the registration of an estimated 11 million illegal aliens. The Democratic plan also seeks to prevent the separation of illegal immigrant families and asks for the legalization of illegal alien students. Visas for agricultural guest workers are also a part of the immigration reform plan. The plan also calls for bi-national separation protection for same-sex couples, according to the Huffington Post.

Illegal immigrants would have to submit to fingerprinting, learn English, and pay taxes. Those with criminal records would be “subject” to deportation. When asked why the group chose to put forth a plan instead of initiating a bill on the matter, they stated they wanted to engage in a “good faith” bipartisan process to initiate debate about immigration reform.

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5 Responses to “Immigration Reform: Nine Principles Plan Introduced By Democrats”

  1. Mark Powell

    Most of the coverage on Immigration, and certainly most of the rhetoric coming from the Democratic and Republican parties, focuses on illegal immigration, but there is an important question about how this historically unprecedented wave of LEGAL immigration will impact our future. Legal immigrants outnumber the undocumented by two to one, after all, and on the basis of current policies, our population is expected to go from about 315 million today to nearly half a billion in fifty years.
    Illegal immigrants do make a good scapegoat for the Republicans, most of whom are nonetheless happy to allow an endlessly growing labor supply. Democrats, meanwhile, drool over the prospect of waving a legislative magic wand that would change all of those undocumented Hispanics into left-leaning American voters. But we really need to look at the larger picture, which includes the increases in legal immigration authorized in the 1990 Immigration law, when a key concern was a drop in entry-level workers that followed the entrance of the last waves of baby boomers into the workforce. Today, labor shortages, especially in regards to low-skilled labor, don’t seem to be a problem, but we continue to allow lots of immigrants, legal or otherwise.
    I have posted a petition to the White House to encourage a more open discussion of the implications of immigration on our future population growth. Please consider signing it. You can go to petitions.whitehouse (dot gov) and filter for “environment. If you would like to know more about how our population growth is far above the sustainable level, visit my website at onethirdorunder (dot org), as in one third of a billion people.

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