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John Mayer Ends Katy Perry Reconciliation Plans Amid Kendall Jenner Crush: New ‘KUWTK’ Romance?

John Mayer has fallen hard for Kendall Jenner, it has been claimed.

According to Hollywood Life, Kendall and her best pal Hailey Baldwin recently caught John in concert at The Forum in Los Angeles, and while it seemed rather random, John was constantly staring at the model, giving onlookers the impression that he was crushing on her.

Kendall, who has been rumored to be dating rapper Asap Rocky, didn’t make much of the flirtatious looks that John Mayer was said to have made her way, she was just there to have a good time with her friend since they both love his music.

A source for the outlet notes that John Mayer’s behavior and eye contact with Kendall made it rather obvious that he had fallen for her, Jezebel adds, and while a source fails to mention whether or not the twosome have met before, judging by John’s characteristic that evening, it would seem that he knows Jenner rather well.

“He thinks Kendall is smoking hot, and he also has a mad crush on Hailey,” a source tells the news outlet.

“He’s really trying to be good and not date any more high profile women. He prefers not being in the spotlight, but still loves beautiful women. This concert was a major challenge for him. 5 years ago he would have made a move on Kendall and Hailey, but now he exercises restraint. He doesn’t like being in the tabloids.”

It should be noted that it was just one month ago when reports claimed that John Mayer was on speaking terms with Katy Perry again, who he famously dated for two years, up until 2013.

The duo’s relationship fizzled out after John Mayer was alleged to have cheated on the singer on numerous occasions, causing the “Roar” songstress to pack her belongings and move on without John in her life.

Earlier this year, when Katy Perry announced her split from Orlando Bloom, rumor had it that the breakup was caused by John Mayer, who allegedly influenced his ex-girlfriend to breakup with the actor since they both knew that what Katy really wanted is to be with Mayer again.

As previously mentioned, the duo hadn’t been together in years, and the cheating allegations definitely hurt their romance at the time, but it would seem that Katy wouldn’t necessarily have ruled out a reconciliation if it was to happen.

While signs seemed to have been hinting at a possible reconciliation between the two, especially since John Mayer and Katy were said to have been on speaking terms again, sources say that friends had advised Perry not to pull through with the idea of getting back with her former partner.

Now that she has an album on the way, friends and family only want her to be focused on her career and nothing more, which would explain why John Mayer is now said to have allegedly tried to make his move with Kendall Jenner.

For the supposed fact that John Mayer has already told friends how sexy Kendall is to him, it would seem as if the 39-year-old would try his luck in getting together with the 21-year-old, who has already proven herself to be a big fan of his music.

Do you think John Mayer and Kendall make an ideal couple? And if not, should John have given a potential reconciliation with Perry a shot? After all, she’s openly admitted to being single now.

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