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Nicki Minaj Supports Drake Amid Love Child Pregnancy Claims: Rapper Preparing For Fatherhood?

Nicki Minaj is standing by Drake’s side in the midst of finding her close friend being accused of fathering another woman’s child.

Layla Lace, a supposed dancer, took to social media where she alleged that an entire night with Drake earlier this year had left her pregnant, and after she had reached out to the rapper and notified him about the pregnancy, Drake reportedly refused to respond, Daily Mail asserts.

Since then, Layla has taken to social media, letting his fans know just what kind of a person he’s supposedly being for denying the alleged fact that he’s expecting his first child with a woman that claims they had unprotected sex together.

Nicki Minaj has now stepped in and shown her industry pal some support. Being no stranger to hearing ridiculous rumors about herself in the press, Nicki Minaj has some doubts about Layla’s comments regarding Drake supposedly being the father of her child.

She knows Drizzy better than most people, so it would seem strange for him to be so reckless and have unprotected sex with a woman that he barely even knows. However, should it be the case that he is the father of the child, Minaj would support the “One Dance” rapper fully and help him adjust to fatherhood while juggling his hectic career.

“Nicki’s torn between hurt and disappointment in Drake and this baby drama. For real, Drake is like a family to her. They’ve got eyes for each other and when it’s not all flirty-flirty he’s like a brother. She hates to see him being dragged like this,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

Nicki Minaj felt it was important for her to be by Drizzy’s side now more than ever because she’s said to be aware of the supposed fact that it’s bothering him to think he might end up being a father later this year.

Lace claims that she’s pregnant but she has yet to reveal when she’s expecting the baby. It would seem that their alleged hookup happened earlier this year — at the very most, it could have happened in February.

Nicki Minaj knows that Drake is nervous. He’s been with so many women that the chances of him having gotten Layla pregnant are rather high, but from what he’s told friends so far, he doesn’t know anybody named Layla Lace, adding that he’s doubtful of the chance that he has fathered her child.

“Nicki doesn’t know if this baby stuff is true, but if it is she’d be disappointed because deep down part of her could see herself having a baby with him. In the end, Nicki wants to be there for him, just like he was there for her when she broke up with Meek Mill. Drizzy came running to her side the second he heard she split up from Meek, and she appreciated that. Now, she wants to return the favor and make sure Drake’s okay, even if he knocked up this chick.”

News of Nicki Minaj supporting Drake comes just weeks after the two made it known that they were actively working on Nicki’s forthcoming album, which the female rapper says will hit stores later this year.

Should Nicki Minaj be concerned about her friend potentially being the father to Lace’s child?

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