Aaron Hernandez may have been bisexual.

Was Aaron Hernandez Bisexual? He May Have Killed Odin Lloyd to Keep His Secret

Aaron Hernandez was found dead from an apparent suicide on April 19, 2017. He was found hanging from his bed sheets. He also left suicide notes behind for his fiancé and four-year-old daughter and his prison boyfriend. Yes, that’s right! Aaron Hernandez was apparently bisexual and may have killed Odin Lloyd to keep his secret.

According to reports, Odin Lloyd may have known about Aaron Hernandez’s secret of being bisexual. It was a shock for Aaron Hernandez to commit suicide, seeing as how he was just recently acquitted of a double murder in 2012. However, he had received a life sentence for the murder of Odin Lloyd, who was a fellow professional football player.

Also, according to Maxim News, Hernandez didn’t just have a prison boyfriend but he was also seeing a former high school classmate, another man. Right before he got arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd, he was moving money around different bank accounts of his and the largest amount wasn’t left for his fiancé and daughter but his former high school classmate and gay lover.

Aaron Hernandez had a prison gay lover.
Aaron Hernandez may have killed Odin Lloyd to keep his bisexuality a secret. [Image by Elsa/Getty Images]

Like mentioned previously, he also had a gay prison lover. His prison lover is currently under suicide watch since Hernandez was found hanging from his prison bed sheets. It would be easy for all of us to believe that his suicide was because of a report that was about to come out stating he was bisexual. However, reports state that he started giving his things away in prison weeks before he took his own life.

There is enough evidence, however, that shows that his behavior leading up to his suicide was because of drug use and if that is the case, his death could be on the NFL’s shoulders.

Although many might have believed that Hernandez killed Lloyd to keep him from talking to people about a double murder that Hernandez was previously acquitted of, he might have actually killed Lloyd over keeping his secret of being bisexual. Lloyd at one time called Hernandez a “schmoocher” which is a gay slur, reports state.

Hernandez wanted to keep his bisexuality a secret from his fiancé and his fiancé’s sister was dating Odin Lloyd at the time. Hernandez was afraid Lloyd would tell his girlfriend and then it would get back to his own fiancé.

An investigation is currently underway after the death of Hernandez to see if it was homicide or a suicide. He jammed pieces of cardboard into the door tracks of his single-inmate cell to keep anyone from getting in. Was this done so no one would get in to try to save him? Once the investigation is finished, we will know even more about the cause of death and why he may have killed himself.

Aaron Hernandez was recently acquitted for a double murder in 2012
Aaron Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Odin Lloyd. [Image by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images]

After the autopsy is done on Hernandez, his brain will be sent back to his family so they can donate it to the CTE center at Boston University. The University studies Chronic Encephalopathy which is something they are trying to determine if Hernandez had from his football playing days.

It is not for sure yet whether or not Hernandez’s days of playing football may have caused brain damage which in turn may have caused him to kill himself. The judge has ordered some of the evidence from the death of Hernandez be preserved to determine what happened to him.

Aaron Hernandez will be laid to rest at a funeral home in his old hometown of Bristol.

What do you think about this? Do you think Hernandez killed Odin Lloyd top cover up his bisexuality/ Sound off with your thoughts on this and let us know what you think!

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