New worries arise

Pippa Middleton: Fears Arise About Unwelcome Visitors At Her Highly-Anticipated Wedding

Pippa Middleton’s wedding is said to be the most highly-anticipated wedding of the year and it has been a media headline for months now, ever since she and her soon-to-be-hubby became engaged last summer. Speculation about the dress and the guest list, as well the bridal party and whether or not Pippa’s duchess sister, Kate Middleton, will be a part of it, has been ongoing.

Talk of feuds and fears as to certain royal figures and celebrities stealing the bride’s spotlight has been constant, and rumors that Kate is not entirely in approval of the union between Pippa and James due to the possible havoc that the groom’s reality star brother, Spencer Matthews, might wreak on the royals in the tabloids, have swirled. All has seemed to be ironed out as false and the big day has nearly arrived.

However, a very real concern has arisen regarding potential unwanted attendees of the ceremony, and this concern does not involve the rumor that Pippa has banned Meghan Markley from attending, seeing as that too has turned up false. The concern surrounds the parishioners of the church that the couple is to wed in. The Daily Mail notes the details about this worry.

“The younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge’s ceremony at St Mark’s Church in Berkshire on May 20 could be attended by parishioners, a church ruling said. Members of the public have the right to attend the ceremony and could mingle with Prince William and the Duchess, according to Church of England guidance on ‘celebrity weddings.'”

This rule essentially means that any resident that lives within the boundaries, is legally allowed to attend the wedding ceremony if they so choose. The church is a mere six miles from the home where Pippa and Kate Middleton were raised, in Buckleberry.

A chairman of the church council spoke about the rule in a positive light, as the publication notes.

“It’s a rather nice thought that they might be able to attend. I’m sure there will be interest. Church of England rules, published earlier this month, state that ‘a marriage is a public ceremony which at the least all parishioners are entitled to attend.'”

The only circumstance that parishioners would be turned away from viewing the ceremony would be if there was a lack of seating or standing room, and it therefore presented an issue of safety.

Stephen Borton, who is an expert on the rules of the church and its law, shared as to why parishioners can not be turned away, otherwise.

“Parishioners and those on the electoral roll have the absolute right to attend services of public worship, and they can’t be denied access Marriages are not a private event, they are public.”

Spokespeople for the estate on which St. Mark’s is situated deny that any parishioners will be able to attend, seeing as they will have heavy security and will close the church to anyone not on the guest list.

“The wedding is a private family event. I can confirm that all pedestrian and vehicle routes to Englefield House will be closed on May 20th, and access to the church will be restricted for reasons of safety and security,” a spokesperson said.

However, lawyers for the Church of England say it is not that simple and that parishioners must be given a manner to access the grounds if they so choose.

The Mirror shared details offered by an insider as to what Pippa foresees the big day and evening involving.

“Pippa wants the evening to be a relaxed affair and in the style of a music festival. She’s going to have a burger van set up and one of the sets of nibbles will be fish and chips. She and James love a party and this is going to be one to remember. Pippa has also lined up another dress that she can slip into which is more informal and much more practical for dancing.”

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