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Dolly Parton Shoots Down Nickname On ‘LIVE With Kelly And Michael’

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton shoots down the nickname suggested by Michael Strahan on LIVE with Kelly and Michael, according to Yahoo!.

The country music singer recently received an honorary doctorate from the University of Tennessee, a fact that Strahan attempted to turn into a clever nickname.

“So now that you have your doctorate,” the co-host said, “do we call you Dr. Dolly or Double D?”

The audience immediately burst into laughter, as did co-host Kelly Ripa. Dolly Parton seemed to find the nickname rather amusing, though this certainly isn’t the first time the singer has had someone make a joke about her enormous chest.

“It’s an innocent question!” Strahan joked.

Not to be outdone by the Strahan’s nickname, Ripa made a boob-oriented inquiry during the hosts’ rapid fire Q&A session with Parton.

“One last question: Are they real?” Ripa asked

“Well of course not,” singer replied. “You think I could ever grow my nails that long?”

When Dolly Parton isn’t fielding questions about her chest, she’s having to deal with allegations that she’s a lesbian. The Inquisitr previously reported that the country music icon has been forced to address the rumors once again.

“Like Gail, [Oprah’s] friend, and Judy, my friend, they just think that you just can’t be that close to somebody,” she explained. “Judy and I have been best friends since we were like in the third and fourth grade. We still just have a great friendship and relationship and I love her as much as I love anybody in the whole world, but we’re not romantically involved.”

In short, she’s not in a romantic relationship with her childhood friend Judy Ogle. Of course, this probably isn’t the last time Parton will have to field these type of questions.

Dolly Parton may have been quick to shoot down the nickname suggested by Michael Strahan on LIVE with Kelly and Michael, but at least she seems to have a sense of humor about herself.

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57 Responses to “Dolly Parton Shoots Down Nickname On ‘LIVE With Kelly And Michael’”

  1. JoAnn Warner

    I t matters not much to me what her sexual preference is,,,,,,,, i'm used to this by now,,,,,,,,,,,,, just tell the truth Dolly. It's ok, whatever your preference is. I admire you, and love your voice.

  2. Geronimo Smith

    Strahan doesn't have the FINESSE like Regis had. Strahan doesn't KNOW HOW to be FUNNY, so he uses a RAW approach as do MOST guys like him. NOT funny, and how manny in the AUDIENCE laughed? Not many, cuz *Dolly* is RESPECTED by all of COUNTRY MUSIC. Strahan is just a HAS BEEN footballl player, and his intelligence is very LIMITED.

  3. Caryn Spring

    From my musician husband: I have a lot of respect for Dolly. She is a fine songwriter and can really play her guitar, too. I could care less about the size of her boobs or her piled up hair. And whatever her sexual preferences are, that HER business and none of ours!

  4. Milly Kimmick

    It's ok for guys to be best buddies for years, but if women are, people have to turn it into something more than it is. Dolly and Oprah and their bffs must get so tired of it. Dolly must also get so tired of the jokes and questions about her breast. What's the fascination? A lot of woman have large breast but people don't hound them for decades about whether or not they are real. TV hosts should know better, how tacky. Kelly has no boobs, nada. Her body is one of the worst celeb bodies ever. She looks like a 12 year old boy or an 80 year old woman. Gross.

  5. Milly Kimmick

    What makes you think she's not telling the truth? FYI, it's very annoying when people use repetitive commas. It's not even correct grammar.

  6. Milly Kimmick

    Ripa is as flat as a 12 year old boy. If it looks like she has boobs then she must be wearing inserts. I've seen bikini photos of her.

  7. Anonymous

    I find this so amusing. She's been married to the same man for 46 years. Do people seriously think a man would stay with a woman for that length of time if she was a lesbian? Seriously? I don't know of any man who would do that. I'm beginning to think there are a lot of people who have absolutely no common sense these days.

  8. Anonymous

    Why is it that it is okay to make fun of Southern people, but, not okay to make fun of blacks, Jews, etc. None of it is right. Just listen to the patronizing drawling tone of voice used by Yahoo in "Daytime in No Time." What is with the commentator?

  9. Caryn Spring

    From my husband:

    Milly: You seem to have a real problem with slim, small-breasted women. While I don’t care for Rippa…mainly because her personality is so “Noo Yawk”, I prefer the women you disdain. You know: those who haven’t gotten all stretched out from being breeders: wide hips, fat butts, saggy breasts.

    Evidently, you think that “real” women should be fat and have their thighs slapping together whenever they waddle over to the icebox to suck down their “diet” and “lite” garbage…and judging by all the hogs I see in Ocala, I can understand why.

    BTW: The topic is about Dolly Parton, NOT your disdain for attractive, fine-boned women.

  10. Caryn Spring

    annsdeals: Agreed! As a proud Southerner from an old Southern family, I get really angered by the condescending bull-crap we have to put up with from Yankees…especially those from NYC! They are uncouth, have no manners and speak like they have a mouth full of marbles, yet, they DARE to disparage us!

    They wouldn’t know “culture” if it came up and smacked them in the head with a 2 x 4!!!

    Arrogant White Trash!!!

  11. Greg Dore

    Tough to be a lesbian when you have been married to the same man, for how many years? people need to grow up just because she is good looking blond with big breasts you want to target her, You really have no info about her at all she is a smart lady,

  12. Linda Schmaelzle

    Can we call Mike a Boob – for asking such a dumb question? The woman has class – too bad it was lacking with Kelly and Mike. Should have called this episode Dumb and Dumber meet a Classy Lady.

  13. Stephen Boedicker

    who cares if she was gay or if they are real dolly is loving careing person.i know for a fact that she loves everybody.i didn't wash my cheek for weeks after she kissed me.

  14. Larry Lapka

    The problem here is, whether anyone wants to admit to it or not, is that people are obsessed with her chest–men and women–and she wouldn't be getting so much airplay if it weren't for it–and she is smart enough to know it, too. She is naturally top heavy, added to it at some juncture in her life, and at this point, who really cares? I guess we all do, and that is the problem.

  15. Tom Kidd

    I don't get it: if anyone made comments to a woman about her breasts they would instantly be missing a few teeth. Dolly Parton has one of the biggest hearts in show business and has helped not just family but friends and strangers unawares for years. I'm sorry Dolly had to put up with these two jokers; personally I've bigger fish to fry than watch Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan.

  16. Jay Bernstein

    Caryn…Your facebook page says you grew up and went to college in NY. How does that make you a proud Southerner? You are Phony White Trash!!

  17. Lecha Faukner

    Dolly is always being talked about somehow some way so people Dolly is great no matter what she is dong so how about talking about someone Else because we all know that Dolly will come back with a answer that yall may not like I don't blame her she is great and no she is not gay! So what's next cant wait if their was anyone who I would love to talk to one on one is Dolly I have seen her at the Nashville Airport when I worked there many years ago and even been by the house when I did tours but have never met her. I hope one day I am like she is say anything to any one and just don't give a!___! yall have a great day thanks Dolly 4 all you do!

  18. Bobby Rigdon

    Strahan was just another black ass trying to hit on a white woman,he is dumb enough to think they all want him,and Ripa thinks what he said was great cause she will bow down to anything that will take her.Dolly has got more class in her little finger than those two could ever muster up togeather,the only thing they could ever do for Ms.Dolly is maybe carry her bags.

  19. Carolyn Carter-Howard

    I love Dolly. I've enjoyed her music for years and she has the best sense of humor. She is real from her heart and that's more than we can say for a lot of entertainers. She has never forgotten her roots and is not ashamed to talk about her up bringing.

  20. Terry Bice

    Dolly Parton doesn't have a "sense of humor" about herself! She's just too much of a lady to haul back and slap the &*%$ out of those insensitive enough to ask her such questions. She may have grown up with few material things but she did learn what being a lady is all about. Love you Dolly and shame on both Kelly and Michael.

  21. Mary Avlos-Dailey

    Really? How could anyone ask that rude question when just about every woman in the entertainment business, beauty contestants, and so many just everyday women have fake boobs these days. A female hairstylist will save her money forever just to get those boobs. I am sick of everyone being so rude! Oh, and being a southerner, I'm pretty sick and tired of any time a show is about the south, they play that Deliverance music. Let's see, how old is that movie now? We will always be different down here and, yes, we do laugh at ourselves, but don't you laugh at us. I don't laugh at you! It would be a very boring world if we were all alike. That's what makes the United States so wonderful! We have wonderful people here, beautiful scenery all over the country, different climates and I'm just glad to be here.

  22. Mary Avlos-Dailey

    Honestly, I'm not obsessed with her chest. LOL I've always thought she had a beautiful face and she's so petite and her sweet character is something to be admired. I've always enjoyed her interviews. I think she would be fun to hang out with!

  23. William Hull

    I like her singing a lot none of that crappy new country that doesn't even sound like country dolly patsy cline that's real country.

  24. Anonymous

    Milly, you were doing well until you attacked Kelly. Don't do that. Like Dolly, I think you have more class than that. I know you're angry at the minds of some people, me too, but we must THINK before we act. As you can see, Dolly IS a class act and more than competent in defending herself against this stuff. You will always have haters in all shapes and sizes, always did, always will. Wait til it reaches you then respond accordingly, with style. Apologize to Kelly and clean your heart. Don't YOU get left with lingering anger. Let it go and love YOUR man. Then you'll be left with what makes YOU feel good. Fair nuff? Love ya.

  25. Timothy W. Koenig

    Dolly was being interviewd by two jerks. What could you expect!

  26. Martha Brown

    One of my of my favorite "Dolly" quotes: When asked if all of the dumb blonde jokes bothered her, Dolly responded, "Nah, I know I'm not dumb….I know I'm not blonde, either". Re: Dolly best friend, why do people always assume the worst? She's been married to the same guy for 48 years, has kept the same best friend since 3rd or 4th grade, and has lifted her family and entire birthplace out of the depths of poverty. How about this, I think she's just a very loyal person who didn't leave those who were with her from the beginning in the dust.

  27. Doug Brackett

    OK, I like boobs, too. However, some question remain unspoken, especially in front of millions….unless, of course, you're Strahan and Kelly.

  28. Natasha Davidson

    the fact that this guy would say something so stupid and offensive and think its funny and clever, that Ripa would laugh, that the audience would burst into laughter all at Dolly's expense shows the caliber of this show and the mentaility of the co hosts. They have now reduced themselves to kids in junior high school. Who would even want to do this show and subject themselves to their stupidity and lack of class. Dolly Parton who always behaves well and is a great personality and talent showed herself able to rise above such idiot and ignorant behavior. No wonder I never watch this silly show.

  29. Diana Skinner

    who, who, who cares if Kelly is flat, Michael is a dumb boob or Dolly is gay…who cares?

  30. Dave Daniels

    Shes never done anything for me. If anything I feel sorry for her for feeling mammoth tits are going to get her attention. Shes such a gifted artist she doesn't need the traveling circus as mariah Carey does.

  31. Caryn Spring

    Jay Bernstein: Actually, it was ME, Caryn's husband, who commented on you carpet-baggers. I just forget to include “From my husband”, like I usually do…for which I apologize. I am from an old VA family. My ancestors fought for the Confederacy…and one of them was a brigadier general who was a personal aide to Bobby Lee. He also formed a division that kicked Yankee butt in LA, TX and FL. He was, also, governor of VA and signed John Brown’s death warrant. After the War of Northern Aggression, he became president of a women’s college in VA. I was born and raised in Vienna, VA and only moved north because that’s where the work was…but I am VERY happy to be back south of the Mason-Dixon line where people are civilized.

    Is that Southern enough for you, slick?

    As for calling my wife names: you’re treading on dangerous ground…although I would expect nothing better from an uncouth Yankee! Why don’t you toddle back to NYC where you belong?

  32. Anita Akensolor

    My boyfriend and I were in love for 3 and half years and we lived together almost 2 and half year. He used to care me more than his own life. He used to love me and take care of me like a baby. Then suddenly he started to act wired since january and broke up with me in two week back saying he has a new girl friend. But again he started to come back to me 6 days but But finally on the 7 day I figured out he was sleeping with that girl and me at the same time. That girl is known as a very bad girl and my boy friend knows that but still he is with her. That's little unusual for him. It almost feels like someone did something to him. Then I met on internet and I told him everything. First he asked me for my boyfriend photograph then he advised me some remedies and with in 4 days my boyfriend come back to me and first time he said sorry to me. I am very happy now.

  33. Beaugard Stevens

    I think it's been said she doesn't live with him and they spent most of their time apart, that is one reason I think for the rumors for all these years. They have an unconventional marriage- I don't think anyone really cares what Dolly does as long as she is happy but it's easy to see why it might pop up from time to time.

  34. Sindy Finn

    I agree with you here Doug. I cringe anytime someone crosses a simple moral boundary. I think it shows how tacky and classless some people can be.

  35. Sindy Finn

    As a woman of color I take offense to your little and pathetic jab at this mans color. There are many out there both men and women black and white who are disgusting when it comes to respect hence this pathetic interview tactic. But you sir are equally as offensive in your racist rhetoric.

  36. James Koenig

    Those boobs have brains– Dolly has been a terrific performer, written some great songs, been in excellent movies, and has a "destination" theme park. What she does or doesn't do with her husband or her best friend Judy isn't really anybody's business.

  37. Macky West

    I think Dolly is a plastic, silly, wannabe teen ager…. . She giggles, makes dumb statements and maybe a man would stay with her all this time if the price was right… Look at the money she brings in. Carl would never have to work and maybe he has a girlfriend?? I don't think for a minute that this is the case but who knows? Who's business is it anyway.

  38. Macky West

    Kelly and Michael have no class and they are tacky so guess anything goes. Never watch them so didn't know Dolly did the show.

  39. Macky West

    Karla…She's a ditzy joke!!! I'd rather hear a dog barking as to hear her sing. That is one time when I change stations…. course there a lot more just as bad… I know… I bad………… but that's my opinion…

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