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’13 Reasons Why’ Is So Dark The Cast Used Therapy Dogs To Help Them Cope

13 Reasons Why isn’t casual television. Even for viewers, it’s a harsh look at life, telling compelling stories that focus on bullying, sexual abuses, mental illness, depression, and suicide. The series, based on the Jay Asher book, takes a hard look at the darker side of life and can be devastating to the viewer’s emotional well-being. Even for 13 Reasons Why actors, the stories can take a toll, which is why series producers have brought in some cheery, furry therapists to help cast and crew overcome any dark shadows that might appear, due to the 13 Reasons Why stories.

Therapy Dogs Visit 13 Reasons Why Cast and Crew

Everything was better before.

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Elite Daily reports that 13 Reasons Why stars Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford, who play Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker on the drama, opened up about working with the therapy dogs. The stars said that there was one scene in particular that made use of the animals because it was such a dark and effective part of the show.

Dylan says he wasn’t on the 13 Reasons Why set for that scene, but Langford had shared her experience with him, telling her co-star that the canine therapists helped her come back after performing in that scene.

“They really tried to help out. The puppies helped. [Langford] had the brunt of the emotional stuff. I mean, we all have very emotional parts, but this is about her character.”

The actors revealed that even when there aren’t therapy dogs on the set, the 13 Reasons Why cast utilizes other coping mechanisms to keep from drowning in depression and negative feelings brought about by their scenes. For Ms. Langford, she relies heavily on episodes of The Office and she also spends time playing the piano.

“For me, what kind of eased it was that when I got there we had to find locations to live and inhabit for the next six months. The first thing that I put in my apartment was a piano,” shared the 13 Reasons Why actress.

“I bought one for $50 and it was a lifesaver because I just went home and played and played.”

On the other hand, Dylan Minnette is a local Californian, so, when he has some downtime, the actor says he goes home to spend time with family.

13 Reasons Why May Go Even Darker in Season 2

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The first season of 13 Reasons Why left off with some disturbing loose ends and, as Elite Daily suggests in a separate report, the series may be taking an even darker turn in the second season. The series has hinted at this new direction in the season finale, even amid Alex’s (Miles Heizer) uncertain future, Bryce’s (Justin Prentice) apparent escape from justice, and Porter’s (Derek Luke) mishandling of the rape report filed by Hannah.

While 13 Reasons Why is already an unsatisfying and oppressive television watching experience, it may go even further down that darker road. Fan theories have caught on to Tyler’s story in the season finale, suggesting Season 2 will deal with a school shooting at Tyler’s hands.

At first glance, it appeared as though Alex had shot himself, but a collection of seemingly random scenes have suggested otherwise. For instance, Tyler, tired of being bullied, bought himself a gun in one scene, while, in a later shot, the 13 Reasons Why character is seen examining a box of guns and ammunition.

Tyler’s bedroom wall is decorated with photographs of his classmates and, in another scene, the bullied teen is seen removing Alex’s picture from the collection. It seems clear by the season finale that Tyler feels persecuted by his classmates, giving him the motive, as well as the means, to take revenge on each person who he feels has harmed him, either through actions or deeds.

If 13 Reasons Why is renewed for a second season, the next installment may take a deeper look into Tyler’s psyche, as he nears a choice from which there will be no return.

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