Michelle Obama Dress From Election Night Sells Out In Under Two Days -- Top

Michelle Obama Dress From Election Night Sells Out In Two Days

Michelle Obama’s dress from election night has been copied by a British supermarket, where it subsequently sold out in under 48 hours.

Supermarket chain Asda designed a dress it subtly named “The Michelle,” a $32 metallic red-and-black floral knock-off inspired by the first lady’s own (far more expensive) Michael Kors dress. With hundreds of millions of people watching as Barack Obama delivered his victory speech late on November 6, Michelle Obama’s dress was seen by a huge global audience.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Asda’s “George” brand director Fiona Lambert revealed:

“Our Michelle Obama inspired flower jacquard dress was an instant hit amongst shoppers.”

Asda clearly knew what it was doing in designing The Michelle. A recent survey revealed shoppers at the supermarket saw the First Lady as the most-impressive female dresser, beating out Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham.

On November 21, the store released its fashion-icon inspired line, otherwise known as the “Impress Dresses” collection, and it was The Michelle that set tills ringing. Lambert added:

“The Impress Dress collection has been flying off the shelves this week. We’re urging women to get their hands on their favorite before we sell through completely.”

It’s easy to see why Obama remains such an influential figure in fashion. Her keenness for widely available, off-the-rack bargains is well documented, even if her taste for pricey accessories is less accessible for most shoppers.

Asda’s Michelle Obama dress (which the store has revealed will not be restocked) isn’t as close to the real thing as it could be (it’s more red than grape, for a start), but the metallic roses, box pleats, high neckline, and cap sleeves make it a decent imitation.

Michelle Obama Dress From Election Night Sells Out In Under Two Days -- Full

As we now know, Michelle Obama’s dress is a hit with the first lady herself. She has previously been snapped wearing the party dress on three separate occasions: once at a 2009 holiday event at the White House, again in November 2010 at a Medal of Honor Ceremony in Washington, and yet again when she took to the stage before and after her husband’s election night victory speech.

Here’s some footage of Michelle Obama in her dress on election night:

Did you like the Michelle Obama dress from election night, and what do you think about Asda’s copycat version?