The Challenge Battle of Seasons Episode 2309 Dustin and Frank

‘The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons’ Episode 2309: ‘The Chronicles of Nanyia’ Recap

Tonight’s episode of The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons, “The Chronicles of Nanyia,” featured one of the most epic throw-downs in Challenge history.

Caution: Major Spoilers Ahead.

It started off well; San Diego is making a real effort to get past their differences, but who knows how long that is going to last.

They play “Abandon Ship” tonight. The teams will race life rafts that are weighed down by several anchors.

They must all dive down and untether their life raft from the weighted anchors before they can set off for shore.

Vegas believes they may have this one in the bag, given that all of their members are great swimmers.

They have some competition in Brooklyn, who has JD on their team.

JD is a dolphin trainer in real life, and he is the first person to get the furthest anchor, which is 25 feet down.

The Challenge Battle of Seasons Episode 2309 The Chronicles of Nanyia

The two teams of two members are going to have the toughest time with this. Jonna and Derek from Cancun may have a savior in Robb from Saint Thomas, who struggles to make it down to even the first anchor.

Surprisingly, Cancun is the first team to free their life boat, but they have trouble getting it inflated and San Diego is able to catch up to them. Vegas, for all their bravado, gets tripped up by Trishelle, who panics after she swallows too much sea water.

Trishelle is unable to compete, and Vegas is forced to take a five minute penalty. It comes down to a race between San Diego and Brooklyn, and San Diego is able to work together to get the win.

The Challenge Battle of Seasons Episode 2309 Dustin and Alton

Alton and Dustin continue to berate Trishelle for quitting, but it is Saint Thomas that comes in last. Back at the house, Vegas continues to argue.

Dustin can’t get over Trishelle quitting the competition and insists that, if they get put in the Arena, she must volunteer herself to go in. Trishelle doesn’t want to hear that, of course.

As to be expected, San Diego sends Vegas into the Arena and they choose an Endurance game for the match. They say they based their decision strictly on performance that day, which is technically true since Vegas and Saint Thomas were the last two teams.

The Challenge Battle of Seasons Episode 2309 Nany and Frank

But for some reason, Nany isn’t buying it. She thinks San Diego would look for any reason to put Vegas in because they don’t like them. What follows is the biggest fight of Challenge history – well, okay maybe not really. That award goes to the CJ vs. Adam beat down that occurred several seasons ago – but that fight only involved two people. Tonight’s battle involved pretty much the entire house.

The next day Vegas has completely disintegrated as a team. Trishelle should be the girl to go in, but she uses the discord between her and the boys on her team to refuse to nominate herself. Citing the inconsistency of the boys, she says she doesn’t feel confident that either one will keep her from going home.

This means Nany actually volunteers herself, which is ridiculous. Alton steps in to compete with her against Robb and Marie from Saint Thomas. They play “Balls Out” again, and have to get as many balls onto their opponent’s side as possible.

The Challenge Battle of Seasons Episode 2309 Balls Out

This angers Dustin, who feels (rightly) that Trishelle should be the one to go in. He calls her out in front of everyone, but it falls on deaf ears. Nany fights her hardest, but she and Alton can’t defeat Saint Thomas and are the two of them are sent home.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons, “Chronicles of Nanyia”? Do you think the two remaining competitors from Vegas, Dustin and Trishelle, will be the next to go, given Dustin’s hatred for his teammate?

The Challenge Battle of Seasons Episode 2309 Nany Trishelle and Alton

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