Asuka May Become a Pual Heyman Girl

WWE Rumors: Asuka Becoming First ‘Paul Heyman Girl’ Upon WWE Main Roster Debut

The WWE Universe has been wondering if there would ever be a “Paul Heyman Girl” someday, but the right performer may finally have arrived in “The Empress of Tomorrow.” For the last five years, Paul Heyman has been a near perfect mouthpiece for Brock Lesnar. He is almost as important to building a feud as The Beast has been in the ring, but his skills on the microphone and presence on screen haven’t been helpful to other performers.

Other than Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman has worked with CM Punk, Cesaro, Ryback, and Curtis Axel. Punk is the only exception where Heyman has been successful. There are specific reasons why the other three didn’t work out, but a big chunk of the blame is put on the fact that the WWE Universe associates Heyman far too much with Lesnar. Many people believe that Heyman representing a female would overcome that problem.

There have been rumors about a “Paul Heyman Girl” happening for some time now. The WWE Universe has plenty of ideas for Heyman taking on a female client, but there hasn’t been an indication that WWE officials have plans to pull the trigger on the idea. However, there is one female star in NXT who has been even more dominant than Brock Lesnar over the past year. Could Asuka become the first official “Paul Heyman Girl?”

Asuka and Paul Heyman Could Become the Next Big Thing
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Recently, it was rumored on Good Mic Work Commentaries that Paul Heyman could potentially manage Asuka when she debuts on WWE’s main roster later this year. There are some complications regarding how the two would be able to make the partnership work, but their dynamic could work. The big question for the pair is if Asuka needs Heyman because it’s apparent that Heyman doesn’t need anyone aside from Lesnar.

The biggest reasons why WWE officials would even consider putting Paul Heyman with Asuka is because of his ability on the microphone to put over what she can do in the ring. There is a language barrier for her that could be an issue on the main roster, but Heyman would fix that immediately. Asuka’s heel turn and change in attitude could also be an interesting way to give her a manager since she’s being featured as arrogant.

It’s only natural that she would want the best manager in the business, especially considering her run as the NXT Women’s Champion. Asuka is knocking on the door of breaking Goldberg’s undefeated record of 173-0 from WCW, which would be an amazing accomplishment. There is no question that Heyman could push her accomplishments to the WWE Universe, but the question is if it would get her over on Raw or SmackDown.

Asuka Could Become the First Paul Heyman Girl
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Asuka can get herself over in the ring. No one doubts that fact, but the main concern is if the WWE Universe accepts her as a mostly silent assassin in the ring. Not every gimmick from NXT translates, and the language barrier is a concern for a lot of people. A manager isn’t the only way to fix that issue, but the WWE Universe would need to see someone put her over on the microphone. Otherwise, her booking will need to be perfect.

There has never been a “Paul Heyman Girl” and it would be a different division for him to get involved with on WWE television. It’s an issue that Heyman would likely need to appear more frequently with Asuka than he does with Brock Lesnar, but that would just come down to if Heyman is interested in working with Asuka and bringing a new dynamic to the women’s division. A pairing between Asuka and Heyman could happen, but it’d take some stars to align to take the chance on a bonafide superstar like “The Empress of Tomorrow.”

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