Hope Solo’s Husband In Jail For Probation Violation
Hope Solo's Husband In Jail

Hope Solo’s Husband In Jail For Probation Violation

Hope Solo’s husband is back in jail for a probation violation in Florida after he was arrested on Wednesday. The former NFL tight end Jerramy Stevens is currently being held at the Hillsborough County Jail in Tampa.

Stevens’ probation violation is related to his earlier arrest on domestic abuse charges in Kirkland, Washington, according to a statement by Ann Howard, director of communications at the Florida Department of Corrections, reports USA Today.

Howard stated that Stevens had permission to travel to Washington, but that Solo’s husband was ordered back to jail after the arrest violated his terms of probation.

Stevens’ attorney, Mark O’Brien, stated of the warrant and subsequent arrest in Florida:

“I believe this is improper. A judge in Washington — after he had a full hearing in which the state of Washington called witnesses, including a law enforcement official — found no probable cause. In this particular case, he should not be held without bond — he shouldn’t even have his probation violated.”

Hope Solo’s husband will spend at least one night in jail before he goes before a judge. Jerramy Stevens has been on probation in the state since October 2010 after he was convicted of drug possession, according to E! Online. He was nabbed after cops discovered a bag of pot in his equipment bag while he was playing for the Tamba Bay Buccaneers.

Hope Solo took to Twitter after her husband was arrested, saying:

Hope Solo’s husband will spend the night in jail, then appear tomorrow in Hillsborough County for a hearing, though he will appear on a video screen from jail.