Angus T Jones

Angus T. Jones Will Stick With ‘Two And A Half Men’

Angus T. Jones is not about to pull a Charlie Sheen and walk away from the hit CBS TV series that is earning him millions of dollars.

Sources close to the Two and a Half Men actor revealed to TMZ that he has all good intentions to stick with the show through the currently filming season. That same source also says Jones is feeling remorseful for the way he made the cast and crew feel after making his comments that claimed the show is “filth” and shouldn’t be watched.

Some of Jones’ remorse was likely wiped away when he offered an apology to his fellow cast and crew members. While Jones’ did not take back his comments regarding the actual sitcom, he declared his love and loyalty to the people he has worked with throughout his young life.

Surprisingly, Angus didn’t feel that the video he made would “blow up” and become a viral sensation.

While Jones will stick with Two and a Half Men through the completion of the current season, it is believed he will walk away when his contract draws to a close.

According to sources, Jones’ family and reps explained to him that quitting the show mid-season would lead to a $15 million loss. Sure he might think the CBS juggernaut is “filth” but not quite filthy enough to lose a rather large fortune.

In the meantime, family, friends and co-workers are still trying to figure out exactly what went wrong with most people pointing a finger at Jones’ mysterious “spiritual advisor.”

Angus T. Jones has not revealed what he will do next. When his co-worker Charlie Sheen quit the show, the successful Anger Management followed, although Sheen’s star power both before and after Two and a Half Men was much stronger then his young acting counterpart.

Do you think Angus T. Jones will rebound from this career misstep and make the most of a bad situation?