Ashton Kutcher

‘Two And A Half Men’s’ Ashton Kutcher And ‘The Big Bang Theory’s’ Kaley Cuoco Enjoy The Lakers Game Together

Ashton Kutcher and Kaley Cuoco decided to share their mutual love of basketball together by watching the L.A. Lakers take on the Indiana Pacers at the Staple Center on Tuesday evening.

Kutcher, who is currently dating the actress Mila Kunis, was obviously great company as he continuously made the blonde actress howl with laughter throughout the contest. The duo were given floor seats for the game, which ultimately saw the Lakers defeated by their rivals.

Earlier this week, Ashton flew out to Rome to visit Kunis, who is currently in Italy filming her latest movie, The Third Person. It stars Liam Neeson and James Franco and revolves around three couples, who live in Rome, Paris ,and New York and whose stories connect to one another.

It’s also been revealed that the Ted actress has yet to join her beau’s religion, Kabbalah, with an insider stating, “Ashton is very serious about practicing Kosher. His team call ahead wherever he goes to make sure he won’t have a problem because there are also a number of foods he won’t eat. So far Mila hasn’t followed suit and has never made any dietary requests like Ashton.”

Cuoco and Kutcher’s programmes are both produced and written by Chuck Lorre, so it is hardly surprising to see the pair spending time together. Two And A Half Men’s cast and crew are still reeling from the revelation of its star, Angus T. Jones, that he hates the show, whist his ex-wife Demi Moore also appears to have moved on with her life as she is now dating Vito Schnabel.