Alan Bersten of 'Dancing With the Stars'

‘Dancing With the Stars’: Should Alan Bersten Return As A Pro Next Season?

Alan Bersten won’t be back to dance with Heather Morris on Dancing With the Stars next week. Maks Chmerkovskiy, Heather’s original partner, is fully healed and is set to finally perform with her again after taking four weeks off.

Heather will finally be dancing with Maks again on the next episode of Dancing With the Stars. Maks has had to sit out of the past four weeks after suffering a calf injury during Week 2 rehearsals. Alan Bersten seamlessly slipped in as Heather’s partner and thrived, scoring at least a 30 out of 40 in all four weeks together.

“Alan’s officially fired!” Maks quipped on Monday night’s Dancing With the Stars. “I’m taking over as of tonight.”

This is the most Dancing With the Stars fans have seen of Alan since he joined the show in Season 20. Alan has been part of the show’s dance troupe, although he filled in for one week in Season 22 to dance with Paige VanZant. He has yet to become a permanent pro dancer on the show, although if fans get their wish, he could be soon. Many fans on Twitter are on board with Bersten becoming a professional DWTS dancer.

So would Alan Bersten consider being a pro next season on Dancing With the Stars? The young dancer is very hopeful.

“I don’t know what the producers are exactly thinking, but I know that there’s a limited amount of spots [for pros] and with Val [Chmerkovskiy], Maks, Artem [Chigvintsev], Gleb [Savchenko], Sasha [Farber], Keo [Motsepe]… these are all well-known names already in the show,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “So I feel like when there’s a spot that opens up, hopefully I will be the next one. I feel like, knock on wood, I hope this next season is my time.”

The male pros on Dancing With the Stars are often in flux, with Maks taking off several seasons, Derek Hough and Mark Ballas missing out on this season and Gleb appearing infrequently. It remains to be seen if there will be enough openings to allow Alan a chance at proving himself as the official partner of a celebrity, but producers can probably see now that he has fans.

Even if Alan doesn’t get the chance to become an official pro on Dancing With the Stars, though, he seems to be very grateful for the experience with Heather Morris.

“I’ve been thrown in a lot, but this was by far the best experience, the longest experience. Even Maks said it. He told me many times, we talked a lot outside of the show, obviously. And just making sure everything flows well with Heather, and he explained to me how much of an amazing opportunity this is. I’ve realized that from the minute it started, you know?”

Meanwhile, Heather is looking forward to having Maks as her official partner again. The actress was reunited with her Dancing With the Stars partner in an interview with Access Hollywood and expressed that’s it’s been so long since they’ve danced together.

“I am so excited to have him back,” Heather said. “This is just like, I’ve been missing him a lot. And it’s very, very excited that we can finally dance together after like three weeks. It’s been way too long.”

Bersten will now go back to being a member of the Dancing With the Stars dance troupe, although his success with Morris could potentially mean that he comes back for a trio dance. Of course, Heather and Maks will have to make it far enough into the season to reach this point, though.

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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