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Britney Spears, K-Fed Taxes: Former Couple Owes Over $37K To State Of California


Singer Britney Spears and her former husband Kevin Federline are reportedly in trouble with the state of California after failing to pay more nearly $40,000 in back taxes.

The former power couple, who officially called in quits in 2006, were recently hit with a $37,712.71 tax lien by the California Franchise Tax Board for unpaid income taxes in 2004.

TMZ notes that 2004 was a highly successful year for the “Baby One More Time” singer, who produced her own perfume fragrance line and released her first compilation album (Greatest Hits: My Prerogative), which sold more than five million copies.

Meanwhile, her then husband Kevin, who once worked as a back-up dancer for Michael Jackson, appeared in the dance flick You Got Served.

A copy of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s tax lien from the state of California can be viewed at TMZ’s website.

While representatives for Britney and K-Fed have yet to comment on the alleged lien, the bill should be no problem for Spears, who — according to Forbes Magazine — made $58 million from May 2011 to May 2012.

That doesn’t include the reported $15 million she’s getting paid in 2012 for being a judge on The X Factor.

Since her split with Federline, Britney Spears has hooked up with agent Jason Trawick. Trawick and Spears, who began dating in 2009 and got engaged in December 2011, have not announced a wedding date.

Kevin, meanwhile, is now dating Victoria Prince, mother to his baby daughter Jordan.

He also has four other kids: two sons (Sean Preston and Jayden James) with Britney and a son and a daughter with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson.

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  1. Anonymous

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  2. Gerald Veselsky

    How does this guy pull any women if he isn't white trash then there isn't any. He has 4 kids by 3 women, what the heck is the matter with him, and especially what is with these women being with him? Sorry I just will never understand how guys just go around getting all these women pregnant. Plus ladies u r the ones who have to do all the work he is done in 2 minutes, u have 9 months then the real work starts and I'm guessing he is not helping much with these kids. Anyone can be a sperm donor it takes a real man to be a father. Thank you.

  3. Gerald Veselsky

    Another thing who ever in there right mind thinks those 2 were ever a power couple? I'm guessing just the writer of this article. Thank you.

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