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Animal Adventure Park Live Cam Coming Down, But New Streaming Will Keep April The Giraffe Fans Updated

Soon the Animal Adventure Park live cam will come down, but it won’t be the end of watching April the giraffe and her new calf. Fans have something else to get excited about because the park is working on another project that will keep them in the loop when it comes to the giraffes, as well as other species the facility currently houses.

The plan all along for the live cam was to have it up an extra five days after April gave birth. Park owner, Jordan Patch, emphatically reminded followers on Monday that the cam would be cut so staff can focus on preparing for opening day in May. He also shared that one of the reasons for the decision has to do with too many emails bombarding them about issues they’ve been fully aware of, such as April suffering a slight twist in her leg they knew about before the first email. It’s a common problem among long-legged animals, and April somehow twisted it while trying to keep up with her calf. People also bogged down their email system whenever a camera outage occurred.

In many ways, the live cam has hindered the park’s day-to-day activities by having to keep up with questions, requests, and other time-consuming correspondence.

4/17 Evening Update Calf continues to grow stronger! We experienced a 1-1 1/2 lb weight gain over night. He is quite spunky and independent; perhaps he takes after his father. He also has his inquisitive and friendly moments of engaging keepers with the genuine nature of his mother. We are smitten. April has recovered great from the birth and has quite the appetite! She did have a minor misstep this afternoon that lead her to favor her one leg; but that has already improved. It's hard dancing around a little one! Dr Tim was on site for calf and mom check ups and we have no reason for concern and are happy with progress. Oliver is quite interested in the calf; much more than we anticipated. Perhaps a good sign for eventual introductions and shared space times. The team is holding up well! We have a another busy day ahead of us tomorrow. We appreciate your support and are so happy to be sharing these moments. Text alert subscribers were just sent some great photos from the past 2 days. All content is archived and available to new subscribers once receiving your first alert. Subscribe at: Naming is still under way – some top votes in no particular order; Patches, Unity , Peter, Apollo, Harpur. Submit your vote: Good night!

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Patch has enjoyed allowing a global audience into April’s journey and bringing awareness to giraffe conservation. The live cam brought far more attention to Animal Adventure Park and giraffe education that he ever thought possible. He asserts, however, that other animals they care for need their attention as well and they have to get back to normal before opening day, By virtue of April the giraffe’s immense popularity, it’s safe to say the park will have a record number of visitors this summer season and there’s a lot to gear up for.

The good news is, despite the live cam coming down on Friday, Animal Adventure Park will have a yard cam in the near future so fans can still watch April, her calf, and Oliver. It’s unclear if the yard cam will be running on a full-time basis or sporadically.

Good morning! We will be performing morning calf weigh-in around 8:45 am Eastern if you wish to watch! We will post the baby weight in the comments of this post after we have our results. April and calf look great from early morning observations! April's walk and stance are almost perfect again. Her leg twist was the equivalent or rolling your ankle slightly — "walk it off". Creating news stories out of such a minor thing is a *bit* of a stretch… but she is a celebrity so headlines sell. Nothing else to report at this time – we continue to celebrate the calf's arrival! All things April remain at – exclusive content texts – calf and mom merch – giraffe cam link – naming contest entries Birthing Story: "What I found astonishing was the meaning and purpose behind every move April made during delivery. This was evident when calf's face and head emerged from her body, but baby was not yet delivered. April meticulously and gracefully cleaned out his mouth and nostrils to remove any mucus that could cause obstruction, all made possible by her long tongue. At that moment, my faith in "design by nature" was completely reinforced." – Jordan Photo: Dad and Baby Meet

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Fox News 13 reports that a yard cam will be installed in the giraffe section of the park and will also give people a chance to see more of April, the calf, and Oliver. Additionally, there will be rotating exhibit cameras so that viewers can see the 80 other species of animals they have on the 20-acre facility.

When will the permanent yard cam be set up? According to the report, after the park opens up for the season. While April fans will have to wait less than a month to see footage of April and her calf again, it’s a far better alternative than not seeing the giraffes in their stall like the world has since February 10.

A YouTube live chat was held Tuesday night, and “Jo” from Animal Adventure Park told viewers that Jordan is working on getting the yard cam set up.

Updates on Animal Adventure Park’s Facebook page are less scheduled and happen about once a day since April gave birth. Before that, updates were posted twice a day.

Animal Adventure Park has heard the call for more live streaming, and they want to inform the public on animal conservation. The facility has garnered celebrity-status attention and will use their global platform to further good causes when it comes to animals and educating the masses.

Though it’s sad to see Animal Adventure Park’s live cam in April’s stall, it’s a relief for millions to know it’s not the end of watching what’s next for April and her baby giraffe.

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