evangeline lilly makeover 2012

Evangeline Lilly Makeover Features Dramatic New Hair

Evangeline Lilly’s “makeover” as she strutted on the red carpet at the New Zealand premiere of The Hobbit is turning heads, but the Lost star’s dramatic and newly short hair has proven controversial among fans.

Evangeline Lilly’s makeover started to cause buzz on Twitter when the star appeared today at the gala fete for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which won’t be in theaters worldwide until December 12.

And while Evangeline Lilly’s makeover was certainly a big change, the star is getting the typical why’d you cut your HAIR reaction from pop-culture, a cabal that never approves of women deciding long hair has started to bore them.

(See Jada Pinkett Smith’s recent lamentation on the subject and her own daughter Willow’s decision to lop off her hair, which many have criticized.)

Evangeline Lilly’s makeover is a vast departure from the tanned and long-locked star to which we have all grown accustomed to seeing, and her wavy bob on the red carpet features a highlighted lock of blonde in the front instead of the glossy, all over brunette hue she normally sports.

Evangeline Lilly’s makeover also includes a muted red lip, and a disco-esque sequined pale pink minidress with matching shoes that departs from the standard strapless, cleavage-baring long gowns we are so used to seeing at premieres.

evangeline lilly makeover

Coupled with a matching pair of towering heels, Evangeline Lilly’s makeover looks quite grown up, assertive, and like a deliberate casting off of Hollywood-enforced fashion standards, which is quite refreshing.

What do you think of Evangeline Lilly’s makeover and new ‘do?