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Mars Curiosity Rover’s ‘History Making’ Discovery Downplayed By NASA

It doesn’t sound like NASA’s Curiosity Rover has found life on Mars.

John Grotzninger, one of the lead scientists for the Rover mission, caused a flurry of rumors last week when he said that a recent discovery made by the Curiosity Rover was “one for the history books.” People immediately started to speculate about the possibility of life on mars. Well, it turns out that the history making discovery won’t be exactly groundbreaking.

NASA hasn’t revealed what the discovery entails, but they did say that Grotzninger may have been a little overzealous when he made his comment.

Spokesman Guy Webster said:

“It won’t be earthshaking but it will be interesting. As for history books, the whole mission is for the history books. John was excited about the quality and range of information coming in from SAM [Curiosity’s Sample Analysis at Mars] during the day a reporter happened to be sitting in John’s office last week. He has been similarly excited by results at other points during the mission so far.”

The Escapist speculates that the recent discovery may have something to do with Martian soil. The Curiosity Rover has taken a few samples from the red planet for NASA researchers to analyze. NASA is expected to unveil its most recent discovery on December 3.

What do you think the Mars Curiosity Rover discovered on Mars.