Demi Moore and her new boyfriend

Demi Moore’s New Boyfriend Is Two Years Older Than Her Daughter

Demi Moore’s new boyfriend may have finally cemented her role as Hollywood’s most famous cougar. With her relationship to Ashton Kutcher headed towards a finalized divorce, Moore, 50, is now dating Vito Schnabel, 26. Her new beau is just two years old than daughter Rumor Willis.

According to Page Six, Demi Moore’s new boyfriend is an art deal who was just able to start renting cars one year ago.

Moore met Vito at a party that Naomi Campbell threw for her Russian billionaire boyfriend. According to witnesses, Moore and Schnable hit it off immediately and “were dancing and grinding all over each other, openly” as Diana Ross sang.

Apparently, Vita Schnabel is some what of a well known Hollywood cougar hunter, having last dating Elle Macpherson when she was 44 and he was still the ripe young age of 21.

While Demi Moore may be dating another much younger man, recently reports suggest that she has attempted to delay her divorce to Ashton Kutcher for as long as possible. Snoops claim that Demi is not happy with Ashton’s decision to start dating former That ’70s Show co-star Mila Kunis.

If the delayed divorce rumor is true, it would back up claims by sources close to Vito who claim he and Demi are “just hanging out” at this time.

Demi Moore’s reps have not yet confirmed her new relationship, and Vita for the time being is remaining quite about any type of relationship that might be forming with Demi Moore.