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Pat Robertson Slams Creationism, Tells Faithful Not To Fight Science

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Pat Robertson made a surprising statement about creationism, science denial, and faith yesterday on his 700 Club in response to a viewer’s question about how to explain away science to her inquisitive children.

And while Pat Robertson often embraces a conservatively Christian view of certain politicized issues, Young Earth creationism isn’t one of them.

Robertson spoke plainly to a concerned viewer who feared that learning the truth about scientific discoveries would prevent her children from being accepted into heaven, as she admitted her “biggest fear is to not have my children and husband next to me in God’s Kingdom.”

And breaking from many Evangelicals and even American politicians nowadays, Pat Robertson quite reasonably assured the woman that the gains made by science did not threaten her faith — and that folks who preach such a viewpoint are willfully ignoring the truth and deliberately deceiving their followers.

Robertson implored the viewer and anyone watching to please stop fighting with science to dispute fact, admitting at the start that his view would be considered unpalatable to some.

The televangelist explained:

“Look, I know that people will probably try to lynch me when I say this, but Bishop [James] Ussher wasn’t inspired by the Lord when he said that it all took 6,000 years… It just didn’t. You go back in time, you’ve got radiocarbon dating. You got all these things and you’ve got the [carcasses] of dinosaurs frozen in time out in the Dakotas.”

Robertson continued, chiding creationists for lying to the faithful about science and how it relates to faith:

“They’re out there… So, there was a time when these giant reptiles were on the Earth and it was before the time of the Bible. So, don’t try and cover it up and make like everything was 6,000 years. That’s not the Bible.”

He added:

“If you fight science, you’re going to lose your children, and I believe in telling it the way it was.”

Are you surprised that Pat Robertson has called out those who deny science on their claims?

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10 Responses to “Pat Robertson Slams Creationism, Tells Faithful Not To Fight Science”

  1. Miles McKee

    It was only a matter of time for Pat. Why? Because he hasn't got a clue about the gospel! He fails to grasp the relationship between the First and Last Adam. Just think of all the countless millions who have sent him money to hold the line against the encroachments of liberalism. They have been duped! If God wanted to create an earth 6,000 years ago he could do that. And if He decreed that, when it was created, the earth was millions of years old that's perfectly in order. What's the problem with God creating an old earth? After all, when He created Adam, Adam was full grown. On his first birthday, Adam was a full grown man—yet he was only one! Pat doesn't seem to understand the sovereignty of God– Bless his poor little soul!

  2. Gary Lindsay

    God does not deceive, Miles. Occam's Razor says your idea is wromg. I'm glad that Robertson is calling out the YEC crowd on their lies, as they try to constrain God into a small box.

  3. Miles McKee

    @Gary, I would say that Occam’s Razor is firmly on my side. What could be simpler than God creating everything? If I was going to get into complex thinking I would not know which of the many contradictory theories of evolution I should follow.

  4. Gordon Hilgers

    The creation story in Genesis is a myth. A myth. No less a myth than the stories about Zeus or Thor or Krishna or whatever. Myths do contain truth even if myths are not factual. Only the superficial thinkers who can't comprehend metaphor are going to fall for the idea the earth is only 6,000 years old. Besides, why does the age of the earth matter at all? What's its practical use? Oh, right. To defend the Bible, a book that was written by human beings ignorant of how the world actually works.

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