The Black Keys Copyright Infringement

Black Keys Pizza Hut Lawsuit Reaches Settlement

The Black Keys lawsuit against Pizza Hut and Home Depot has been settled out of court, according to BBC News.

The rock duo had sued both companies for what they feel was copyright infringement. The band explained that “significant portions” of their music was used in commercials for both Pizza Hut and Home Depot. Both companies explained this simply was not the case.

The Black Keys explained that “Gold on the Ceiling” was used by Pizza Hut to sell their tasty recreations, while “Lonely Boy” was utilized by Home Depot to peddle power tools to the masses. Court documents said the advertisements were “a brazen and improper effort to capitalise on plaintiffs’ hard-earned success.”

According The Tennessean, details regarding the settlement have not been released to the public. A formal dismissal of the charges is expected to be filed in January.

“The parties are in the final stages of documenting such settlement agreement and will imminently be circulating such settlement agreement for approval and signature by the multiple parties involved in this action,” attorneys from both parities said in a joint statement.

Daniel Auerbach and Patrick Carney requested that Pizza Hut and Home Depot cease and desist the use of the band’s tunes in the respective commercials. The Black Keys are also looking for appropriate compensation for their music. Producer Brian Burton, also known in certain circles as Danger Mouse, sued the companies for infringement as well.

Both “Gold on the Ceiling” and “Lonely Boy” can be found on the band’s 2011 album El Camino. Originally from Akron, Ohio, the duo moved to Nashville in 2000 to begin recording music. The group issued their debut album The Big Come Up in 2002.

Neither Pizza Hut nor Home Depot have commented on the Black Keys settlement as of this writing. Do you think the band should be compensated by both Pizza Hut and Home Depot?