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Facebook Apologizes For Bathtub Photo Fiasco

Facebook Bathtub Photo

Facebook has reportedly apologized for deleting a user’s photo after censors mistook her elbows for her breasts, according to Gawker.

The social networking site was the subject of much internet ridicule after moderators thought a woman’s elbows were a pair of perky boobs. In an effort to keep other users from being offended by the image, the offending breasts were promptly removed.

Once the masterminds at Facebook caught wind of the situation, they quickly reinstated the image and offered an apology to the individual for any inconvenience the picture’s removal may have caused.

“Just wanted to reach out and let you know that we have restored the photo. We made a mistake and sent an apology to the original poster,” a Facebook representative explained in an email to Gawker.

The bathtub photo which confused the social networking site’s moderators was first spotted by the folks at Theories of the Deep Understanding of Things. An email to the blog explained that the photograph in question was a clear violation of the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities since the woman was allegedly flashing her breasts.

“FB moderators can’t tell an elbow from a dangerous, filthy, uncanny and violent female breast,” the website explained. “No questions were asked and the post is down. Imagine our surprise.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Facebook has had to apologize for removing a photograph that supposedly violated the site’s rules and regulations.

According to RadarOnline, a family had pictures of their baby removed by Facebook censors. Since the child was born without parts of its skull and brain, someone at the site thought the images were offensive.

It didn’t take long for Facebook to restore the image and issue an apology.

“Facebook is a place where almost a billion people share more than 300 million photos a day,” the company said in a statement. “Our policies are enforced by a team of reviewers in several offices across the globe. This team looks at hundreds of thousands of reports every week, and as you might expect, occasionally, we make a mistake and remove a piece of content we shouldn’t have.”

Do you think Facebook should apologize for removing a photo that some people may have found offensive?

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14 Responses to “Facebook Apologizes For Bathtub Photo Fiasco”

  1. Kaitlin Deegan

    I wouldn't apologize. She shouldn't have posted a pic like that.

  2. Therese Caserta

    Even if it was a breast, so what? Men can post barechested pictures on FB so women should be able to as well.

  3. Amy Deery

    I don't understand why they would remove this photo but allow pages like "Freaks Only" which I reported & they responded that there was nothing offensive, which is bs because it's all nude & explicit photos. It makes me sick!

  4. Therese Caserta

    So, all life begins as an X chromosome which is why men have breasts. Women feed their children from their breasts so it is useful. Mens' breasts don't funciton…Therefore, who should have to cover their breast and who should show them? Both should be able to show breasts…equal rights…breasts aren't vulgar…both sexes have them…it's not the same as genitalia.

  5. Carolann Quinn

    if you are stupid enough to not know the difference between an elbow and a breast, I pity you. I knew BEFORE I read the article. They remove this yet they refuse to remove trolls and people who swear? The censors need to get glasses!

  6. Jose Garcia

    a lot of breasts we would see from women wouldn't likely be feeding children, so I'm not sure how that part of what you're saying helps the argument…

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