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‘Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller Leaves Fans Crying After Cancelling Appearance At The Last Minute

Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms fame recently had to cancel appearances in Brooklyn and New Jersey after the court stated that she was no longer allowed to travel out of state before her impending fraud sentencing–leaving fans distraught over missing the appearance.

The infamous dance coach quit Dance Moms in a total rage not too long ago, forcing the dancers left on her team to seek a new coach in Dancing with the Stars’ Cheryl Burke. While she claims she is shopping a scripted television series featuring the Mini team, she’s also currently without a paycheck and may be facing up to 30 months in jail.

In order to make ends meet, Abby Lee Miller instead decided to peddle talks where she dished the dirt on Dance Moms to fans paying $65 a ticket.

But the court wasn’t having it. They told Abby Lee Miller that she applied to travel out of state too late and would not be allowed to leave, thus leaving her to tell fans she had to cancel due to “uncontrollable circumstances.”

Fans, however, were upset that she waited so long to tell them, and in one case, the event was canceled just 30 minutes before it was scheduled to begin.

Several people who attended the event said that those hit the hardest were the children and teens who had been incredibly excited to hear her speak. Some, they said, had flown in from out of state to listen to Abby’s side of the story.

“One came all the way from Florida just to see Abby. People were just wandering around and had no clue it was cancelled,” one attendee stated.

Others reported that several kids were actually crying over missing her appearance, and many were simply confused as to what was going on.

Fans were told they would be refunded their tickets, but according to reports, they have not yet had their money returned.

Abby Lee Miller will be sentenced for fraud, which she plead guilty to last year. She has been found guilty of hiding nearly $800,000 from the government. While many think Abby Lee Miller will only serve parole, Abby is rightly frightened by the prospect of spending more than two years in custody. She recently opened up about her fears of jail, stating that she was scared she would be physically harmed while doing her time.

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There have been rumors that Abby Lee Miller has had a change of heart and wants to return to Dance Moms, but there have been whisperings that the show has taken its final bow and won’t return for a Season 8. This may leave Abby Lee Miller in the lurch if she can’t find anyone to produce the new scripted show she says she is pitching.

Abby Lee Miller has stated that the scripted show she is shopping around would feature her Mini Team, and also a supernatural element. According to insiders, she has wanted to do a show with just the Mini Team for a long time, but the producers were reticent to allow her to do so.

The dance coach claims that she originally quit Dance Moms because of constant disagreements with producers. She stated they often made her appear “crazy” and that the show was bad for her mental health. Abby Lee Miller later went on to say that she felt there was an underlying issue of misogyny at play, especially when male producers who do not know anything about dance would force Abby or the students to change things at the 11th Hour.

Only time will tell if Abby Lee Miller can come back from this huge setback.

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