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Did Google Maps Catch ’13 Reasons Why’ Being Filmed? Fans Flip Over Alleged Behind-The-Scenes Image

The beauty of being a Netflix subscriber is being able to binge watch through an entire series or season at your convenience. If you are someone who has trouble stopping after running into a cliffhanger, it is possible you’ve already binge-watched the entire first season of 13 Reasons Why.

Dylan Minnette, Executive Producer Selena Gomez, and Katherine Langford seen at Netflix '13 Reasons Why' premiere
Dylan Minnette, executive Producer Selena Gomez, and Katherine Langford seen at Netflix ’13 Reasons Why’ premiere. [Image by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Netflix/AP Images]

Refinery 29 notes that anyone who enjoyed 13 Reasons Why or found it “truly compelling” may have a tiny hole in their heart as they hunger for something new – and just as interesting to watch. Unfortunately for those who enjoyed 13 Reasons Why, it didn’t offer any deleted scenes or hints regarding whether or not there would be a Season 2.

Fortunately, a treasure of sorts has been uncovered for those who are yearning for more 13 Reasons Why. This treasure comes in the form of what might be a very odd behind-the-scenes look at the filming of 13 Reasons Why. It was actually a journalist for Pop Sugar that uncovered this hidden treasure while doing research on a story involving the different locations used to film 13 Reasons Why. The Pop Sugar journalist, Maggie Pehanick, performed some the research for her story by doing a Google search of the address of Clay’s house. It was the street view image that Google Maps pulled up that caught this journalist’s attention.

Dylan Minnette, Netflix VP, Original Content Cindy Holland, Producer Brian Yorkey, Katherine Langford, and Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos at the premiere of '13 Reasons Why'
Did Google Maps snap a behind-the-scenes image? [Image by Steve Cohn/Invision for Netflix/AP Images]

The Google Maps street view image the Pop Sugar journalist pulled up appeared to be none other than 13 Reasons Why star Dylan Minnette standing outside of Clay’s home. Unfortunately, the image is not crystal clear as Google Map protocol blurs out the face of any people captured in their street view images. It, however, features someone wearing a hoodie and jeans – that look a lot like the character of Clay standing outside of the home. Google Maps revealed the image was captured in June of 2016.

Maggie Pehanick investigated the image – as others now have – by panning around the street in San Rafael, California to see what else could be seen. Maggie – and several other news outlets – have agreed panning around the street reveals what appears to be a film crew. Folding chairs can be seen next to the driveway, there is a lot of equipment on the side of the house, and there is a truck from Iron Horse Studio Rentals with a sticker on it that reads “Operated by Paramount Pictures.” Refinery 29 notes that Paramount Television was one of the production companies behind the creation of 13 Reasons Why.

Refinery 29 also reveals that the only piece of evidence against the fact that Google Maps managed to catch 13 Reasons Why while it was being filmed is Dylan Minnette himself claiming that it isn’t him. According to Minnette, the earbuds in the picture are dangling over his shoulder and Clay’s signature in 13 Reasons Why was over-the-ear headphones – not earbuds.

Perhaps what has fans of 13 Reasons Why more tickled than anything else is the fact that the male in the Google Maps street view image who is alleged to be Dylan Minnette held up a peace sign when the image was being snapped. Did he stop and strike a pose for the Google Maps van?

If you haven’t watched 13 Reasons Why it is currently available on Netflix and you can watch the official trailer below.

Do you think one of the Google Maps vehicles managed to snap a photo while 13 Reasons Why was being filmed? Is that Dylan Minnette in the photo? Have you ever been tempted to strike a pose the way this individual did when a Google Maps vehicle drove by taking pictures? Share your thoughts on whether or not this photo could be Dylan Minnette in the comment’s section found down below.

[Featured Image by Netflix]