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‘RHOA’ Reunion Preview: Shamea Morton Confronts Phaedra Parks As Porsha Williams Looks On Uncomfortably

One person viewers will see joining the ladies on the couch when the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 reunion show continues to air is Shamea Morton. On Sunday night, as part 1 of the reunion show aired, Shamea posted a photo of herself filming the special. The photo shows Shamea confronting Phaedra Parks as Porsha Williams and Sheree Whitfield, seated between them, look on uncomfortably. The photo makes it clear that Shamea and Phaedra argued heatedly with one another during filming, as it shows both Shamea, who showed up in a royal blue gown, and Phaedra with their arms up as they make their points.

RHOA reunion is on now!!! I hope you're tuning in! ????????

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During season 9, Shamea claimed that Phaedra once tried to get with her ex-husband when they were still together. When Phaedra, during a lunch with Sheree and Porsha, heard what Shamea said about her, she lashed back by claiming that Shamea was promiscuous with everyone’s husbands in Atlanta. Phaedra even claimed that Shamea was intimate with Kandi Burruss.

“Well Shamea’s been sleeping with everybody else but who talking about that? You know her and Kandi are like this [cross fingers motion]. Her and Kandi are like f**king [finger in hole motion].”

A shocked Sheree asked for clarification on who Shamea was “f**king.”

“Shamea!” Phaedra whispered

When Sheree asked a smiling Porsha if she knew what Phaedra was claiming, Porsha responded, “They are reaaally close.”

When Sheree again asked Porsha if she thought it was true, Porsha said that Shamea’s “close to both of them.” When Sheree asked if Porsha was talking about Kandi and her husband, Todd Tucker, Phaedra said that Shamea’s “doing both.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after that lunch scene aired, Shamea Morton immediately issued a denial via her Instagram account. Shamea also expressed disappointment that Porsha Williams, someone she considered a best friend, didn’t come to her defense but rather co-signed Phaedra Parks’ lie.

In a later episode, during an engagement party that Kandi threw for her, Shamea, when she heard what Phaedra said about her, pretty much claimed that Phaedra was performing oral sex on various men. “The word was very heavy on the streets about Ms. Parks,” Shamea told Sheree, Kandi, and Cynthia. When Sheree asked Shamea what she meant, Shamea mimicked performing a blow job.

Porsha didn’t attend that engagement party because she was uncomfortable being there with Kandi, with whom she had drama with. In a later meeting with Porsha, Shamea expressed her disappointment over Porsha’s absence. Shamea also warned Porsha about getting close to Phaedra.

“Phaedra used to talk so much s**t about you. Be careful with your new friend.”

In an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish in March, Shamea said that she continues to warn Porsha about Phaedra. Perhaps Shamea has heard some unsavory things about Phaedra from Phaedra’s former friend now enemy, Kandi Burruss? Shamea also told The Daily Dish that it’ll take some time for her to trust Porsha again and to be friends with her.

“I am hopeful that we can, but at this point it’s just going to take a lot on both sides. I’m actually kind of drained and I’m tired of trying. I continue to tell Porsha to be careful. I would have never done anything like that to Porsha, especially not to someone she already had some sort of past drama with. I don’t know if we can ever get back to that place. Would I like for us to? Absolutely. I love Porsha, and I want nothing but the best for her. I just don’t know if her loyalty lies with me anymore. I’m afraid that in the future she might meet someone, a new friend, and then her loyalty would change again. It’s going to take some time.”

Yet it seems that Porsha and Shamea are already friends. A week ago, Porsha posted a video of herself attending Shamea’s traditional Kenyan wedding ceremony. In the video, Porsha tells Shamea that she loves her, which Shamea happily responds to.

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Perhaps on an upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 reunion show, viewers will see Porsha Williams, going against Phaedra Parks, finally stick up for Shamea Morton?

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