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‘Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Claims She Was Assaulted On American Airlines Flight

Jenelle Evans, one of the most controversial figures on the Teen Mom franchise, claims that she was assaulted on an American Airlines flight returning home from vacation with her fiancé David Eason, her stepdaughter, and son, Jace.

As per usual, Jenelle Evans took to Twitter to report the incident.

“After letting the manager know at @AmericanAir I was rudely treated. Was assaulted at the airport. Tried to grab my phone out of my hands!” she wrote.

Although the tweet has since been deleted, one fan wrote to her, “Sounds like you were on United Airlines,” evoking the incident that happened to Dr. David Dao last week in which he was assaulted on a flight after being bumped off.

A now-deleted Tweet from American Airlines says that they told Jenelle Evans her comment “concerned” them and they wanted to speak to her about the incident.

Jenelle Evans claims she “DM’d” American Airlines and stated that people need to “Stop the madness!”

Busy making memories. #SplishSplash #FlipFlops ????☀️

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Several of her fans and Twitter followers claimed that Jenelle Evans reports that she’s been assaulted so often that it is difficult to tell when she is telling the truth or not. Several even accused her of flat-out lying about the incident to get attention or free perks from the company.

There has been no further report of what happened in the alleged altercation and whether or not anything Jenelle Evans might have done provoked the altercation. Fans of Teen Mom 2 will know that Jenelle Evans has a history of engaging in conflicts, and was even taken to court last year for allegedly hitting her ex’s new girlfriend with a glass Mason jar. Though she was acquitted, she does admit that she “only” meant to throw water on her.

Jenelle Evans took her stepdaughter and oldest son on vacation, evidently to see an Ariana Grande concert. She claims the two are big fans, but that she was disappointed that she paid $400 in order not to be able to see much.

According to Jenelle Evans, the pair splashed out for floor seats for the kids, much to the chagrin of some of her fans who found this to be inappropriate. They reminded her that people often stand during concerts, which she said she “knew that,” and reminded them of the famous Kesha concert she attended several years ago. Fans of Teen Mom 2 will remember that she was slated to spend time in jail but angrily stated that she had to attend the concert and incarceration would ruin her plans.

Although some fans criticized Jenelle Evans for leaving her newborn baby at home, from her Twitter feed, it appears she returned to be with the child the next day and spent Easter Sunday with Ensley and 2-year-old Kaiser.

While Jenelle Evans has threatened to get off of social media completely before, she definitely wasn’t absent on Easter Sunday. Instead, the 25-year-old mother of three spent the day documenting the family’s festivities on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Jenelle Evans, who just bought a huge plot of land with fiancé David Eason, also gushed that she couldn’t wait to throw an Easter egg hunt for the kids on their land. Likely, she will do this next year, once the little ones are somewhat older.

The alleged assault incident hasn’t been mentioned again on Twitter, and it is a little bit suspicious that she deleted her comment completely. It’s like fans will never know what truly happened on the flight, or at least in the lead up to it.

Did she make it up for attention? We may never know.

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