Alexis back with Julian on GH

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Returns And Alexis Goes Missing – Sam Fears Mom In Danger

General Hospital spoilers show Julian Jerome (William deVry) is alive, as GH fans have long suspected. But when Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) goes missing, Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) has reason to panic. Julian finds Alexis at the docks where he tried to kill her last year, but then what happens? Monday’s General Hospital is not to be missed.

Alexis Lures Julian To The Docks

A new General Hospital spoilers video from ABC promises, on today’s GH, that Alexis leaves the park after the Easter egg hunt. Now that Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) spotted Julian creeping in the hedges and Alexis knows her husband is alive, she seems to be trying to lure him out of hiding. Alexis heads back to the scene of the crime where Julian terrified her with a knife to her throat.

General Hospital spoilers hint Alexis knows Julian will take the bait and follow her since he broke into their house and stole the photo of them on last week’s GH. While Alexis strolls the docks, she thinks back to the Julexis wedding day. However, Alexis also recalls the night Julian threatened her life, according to the General Hospital spoilers video. Then Julian appears.

Julian Appears Out Of The Fog

General Hospital spoilers show Julian comes to Alexis on the foggy dock, pulls down the hood of the stalker-y coat he’s been wearing, and it’s finally confirmed that Julian is alive. He survived his altercation with Liv Jerome (Tonja Walker) and he’s been lurking because he can’t quit Alexis. But how will Alexis feel? General Hospital spoilers from TV Source say Alexis gets clarity when Julian explains himself.

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central add that Alexis gains “new understanding” and “closes a door to the past” but what does that mean? Is Alexis done with Julian? No way. Alexis loves the man, and she understands he wasn’t trying to kill her. Julian brought her to the docks to put her on a boat to safety while he dealt with Liv, but Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) interfered and ruined Julian’s plan.

Alexis Disappears, Is She In Danger?

General Hospital spoilers say Alexis disappears after her encounter with Julian and Sam is alarmed. On the Monday GH spoilers video, Sam panics when Alexis goes missing. Sam isn’t sure that her dad won’t hurt her mother and isn’t ready to forgive him. Sam is upset, but Jason reassures her and spoilers say she follows a lead to try and track down her missing mother.

However, General Hospital spoilers and rumors hint Julian didn’t take Alexis captive, it’s Alexis that ran off with Julian. Alexis knows the cops have been asking questions about him and the rumor is that Alexis takes Julian to a safe place to hide to hear him out and so they can get things sorted. Unfortunately for Alexis, Sam is a good PI, and it won’t be too long before she and Jason track down Julexis.

Steamy Julexis Love Scene On The Way

Also, General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central reveal Alexis comes clean but about what? Does she admit to Julian she fell off the wagon – or admit to Sam she’s hiding her fugitive father? There is also a spoiler from Nancy Lee Grahn’s Facebook that Julexis has a steamy coming soon. The actress shared on Facebook about filming a love scene and accidentally exposing herself to ABC executives.

Grahn made the post a little over a month ago and given General Hospital‘s shooting schedule, that Julexis love scene could be coming any time now, but first Julian needs to redeem himself. Some GH viewers maintain that there is no way Julian can explain away what he’s done to Alexis, but die-hard Julexis fans don’t see it that way and have high hopes, but first Julian must face the music.

Julian And Jax Both Arrested This Week!

General Hospital spoilers say Julian might be getting lucky with some loving from Alexis soon, but first, he has to face time in handcuffs – and not in a fun or sexy way. There are two arrests coming this week on General Hospital, according to the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest that hit newsstands on Friday. Julian will be arrested by the PCPD for conspiring with his wicked sister Liv.

The second arrest is Jasper Jax (Ingo Rademacher) who is a victim of a revenge gambit by bitter mob boss Sonny. Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) is furious at Sonny as Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) has no choice but to arrest him. Dante and Carly both tell Sonny he’s a jerk. A new day player, Jack Topalian, shows up as ICE Agent Torosyan on Wednesday’s show to deport Jax – he wants Carly and their daughter to go with him.

It almost seems like GH has decided to kick things into high gear and start May sweeps early because this week is packed to the brim promise the latest General Hospital spoilers.

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