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WWE News: Bray Wyatt Wanted To Bring Back An Attitude Era Star For The Wyatt Family, But He Got ‘Shut Down’

Even though it has been through a few different versions, The Wyatt Family is one of the most memorable stables to ever step foot inside WWE. Bray Wyatt has landed a group of members who has dominated in the ring and tormented superstars outside of it. Believe it or not, Wyatt actually wanted to bring in more members for the family, including one former stable leader from the Attitude Era, but he was denied the request.

Over the years, The Wyatt Family has had a few primary members, including Wyatt, Erick Rowan, and Luke Harper. Braun Strowman had joined for a while, as did Randy Orton and even Daniel Bryan. There is always the chance that the stable could grow, but Bray really wanted to have a member from the Attitude Era in his family.

Gangrel hasn’t been a full-time member of WWE since around 2006 when he had yet another short run, but his most prominent time came at the end of the ’90s. That was when he debuted and shined in his vampire gimmick as the leader of The Brood, which included a young Edge and Christian.

wwe news bray wyatt family gangrel attitude era
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Gangrel was a recent guest on The Roman Show to talk about a number of different topics, including his past time in WWE. One interesting moment, as transcribed by Wrestling Inc., had Gangrel mention that Bray Wyatt actually wanted him to return to the company, but it didn’t go over well.

“I was talking to Bray Wyatt. He wanted me to come in, but the thing is WWE doesn’t own the rights to the name of ‘Gangrel’ so that got shut down. It would have been fun. I probably would have come in as a manager. But I always wrestle. It’s never too late.”

That would have been a very interesting combination considering the dark nature of both of their characters. Both Gangrel and Bray Wyatt have led stables that were very dark and even quite supernatural at times, which would make them work well together.

At one point, the trio even joined up with The Undertaker as a part of the huge Ministry faction. The Brood may not have been together for a long time, but they really were groundbreaking and brought a lot to the company.

“Maybe The Brood. You have Edge already in. The Brood maybe one day will go in. They weren’t on for a lot of time. They were popular and changed some things but when I see the hall of fame I loved it when they put in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. They did their time and put the miles in. They stayed together. I like that heritage. The Brood, it was great, but I don’t think we had a long tenure. But it changed things.”

After the original version of The Brood split up, Gangrel formed another stabled called The New Brood, which saw him partner up with the recently returned Hardy Boyz. Gangrel is happy for the Hardy Boyz and likes that they are still able to perform at a high level.

Gangrel said he is “proud of them” and is glad that he was even a small part of them elevating to the top of their game.

wwe news bray wyatt family gangrel attitude era
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At this time, it is unlikely to ever see Gangrel appear on WWE television in regular fashion again, and that is for a number of reasons. He is 48-years-old and is still wrestling and doing well, but without WWE having the rights to his name and having a packed roster already, a comeback probably won’t happen.

The return of the Hardy Boyz to WWE pretty much means that anything is possible, but they are still very popular and relevant. While Gangrel has only made sporadic appearances for the company over the last decade, he would have fit into The Wyatt Family nicely and may even make for a return of The Brood as well. Still, WWE is not going to bring in anything or anyone that they don’t have total control over, so that seems to be one of those things that never will happen.

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