Prince Harry's girlfriend, Meghan Markle, could become his fiancee in time for Pippa Middleton's nuptials

Prince Harry’s Girlfriend Meghan Markle At Pippa Middleton’s Wedding As Harry Deals With Diana’s Death

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s “fast-moving saga” of a romance appears to be hurtling towards a wedding, or possibly towards two weddings. Pippa Middleton has famously been reported to have a “no ring, no bring” policy for her guest list when she marries her fiancé James Matthews on May 20. That puts Prince Harry’s girlfriend in a tough spot. Harry and Meghan might not be ready to switch up girlfriend for fiancée just so that Meghan can go to Pippa’s wedding. On top of that, Harry is dealing with finally speaking out about Princess Diana’s death, and he doesn’t need more grief over his girlfriend’s status.

Prince Harry and girlfriend Meghan Markle have a lot to consider in their relationship.
Prince Harry and girlfriend Meghan Markle have a lot to consider in their relationship. [Images by Chris Pizzello/AP Images and Matt Dunham/AP Images]

Are Prince Harry and girlfriend Meghan ready to take the step that will make Meghan Harry’s fiancée? If the couple doesn’t feel prepared for all the responsibilities that go along with announcing a royal engagement, it’s going to be an impossible decision for them to make right now, but the pressure is on. The Toronto Star shared some ideas on the subject of a possible royal engagement and Pippa Middleton’s guest list.

Shinan Govani, a columnist for the outlet, wrote that she’s “hearing that inquiries have been made on behalf of the 35-year-old Suits actress about dress options to the wedding.” The wedding in question is Pippa Middleton’s, and it’s becoming more likely every week that Prince Harry’s plus one will be his girlfriend.

Both of Kate Middleton’s children have “formal roles” in Pippa’s ceremony, and a Kensington Palace update seems to suggest that Kate, Prince William, and even Prince Harry are making the event an “official outing.” Meghan’s status as Prince Harry’s girlfriend makes her presence at an official royal engagement awkward.

Kensington Palace is carefully maintaining the story that Pippa Middleton’s nuptials are a private family affair. With two future kings in attendance, one of them acting as a page boy for the bride, and with Pippa’s own catapult to fame after she was maid-of-honor when Kate married Prince William, no one is really buying the idea that it’s an ordinary ceremony where status doesn’t matter.

Meghan Markle may attend the wedding with Prince Harry
Pippa Middleton catapulted to fame when Kate married Prince William, and now she’s a royal star herself. [Image by Joel Ryan/Getty Images]

After Prince Harry made a “surprise” visit to spend Easter with Meghan in Toronto, there’s speculation that an engagement announcement is right around the corner. When Markle quit her Reitman’s deal, that added some more spec fuel to the engagement fire.

The Toronto Sun via the Daily Mail wrote that “Markle is getting her affairs in order” by ditching Reitman’s and shutting down her blog, a decision that might have been triggered by a request from Queen Elizabeth. The monarch has final say on whether Prince Harry weds Meghan Markle or not, so if she is handing out advice on how to be a princess, that’s a very good sign for the young lovers.

There’s another hurdle for Harry and Meghan. If they announce their engagement right before Pippa’s big day, that would be the worst of bad manners and a terrible first step for Meghan as a member of the royal family.

Even the Duchess of Cambridge is taking steps to make sure the attention is on the bride. For Prince Harry’s girlfriend to scoop the spotlight from Pippa at her own wedding; that’s even worse than Pippa stealing the show when Kate and William got married!

If the rumors are true that unofficial partners won’t be allowed, there’s just over a month left for Markle to qualify to be on Pippa Middleton’s guest list.

Harry’s Easter visit to see his girlfriend and Markle’s exit from her Reitman’s agreement are arrows pointing towards a more formal relationship between the two. There is even some speculation that the timing of the “grainy” unauthorized pics of Harry arriving at Meghan’s Toronto home was deliberate.

The Toronto Star shared that Prince Harry has a lot of security, and it wouldn’t be easy for anyone to get such a close-up pic without permission.

The photos may look as if they are the usual paparazzi fare exposing a so-called “secret” visit, but the outlet suggests that the pics are all part of a carefully planned media campaign to promote Meghan’s show, Suits, as she prepared to leave the show in time for her life change from girlfriend to fiancée.

The icing on the wedding cake was whipped up by Hello magazine. The outlet wrote that Meghan Markle has requested time off at the exact time of Pippa Middleton’s wedding. The report didn’t speculate on whether Harry and Meghan will be engaged by then, but did remind readers that if Prince Harry takes his girlfriend to Pippa’s wedding without popping the question first, it would still “mark a significant step in their relationship.”

Prince Harry’s girlfriend has enough worries of her own wondering what to do about Pippa Middleton’s nuptials, but her royal boyfriend is finally speaking out about his years of “total chaos” and a near “complete breakdown” as he tried to come to terms with Princess Diana’s death. Harry is also facing rumors that his father is James Hewitt, and there are James Hewitt photos circulating as royal family fans try to learn the truth about Harry and Hewitt. The BBC wrote that Harry is in a “good place” now, but some people think it would be an even better place if Meghan Markle is at his side in a more formal capacity than simply as Prince Harry’s girlfriend.

What do you think? Will Meghan and Harry get engaged before Middleton’s May 20 wedding?

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