Paris Jackson Bisexual Bombshell! MJ's Daughter Reportedly Looking For Ladies To Love On Dating App [Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]

Paris Jackson Bisexual Bombshell! MJ’s Daughter Reportedly Looking For Ladies To Love On Dating App

Paris Jackson is exploring her bisexual side. Radar Online reports that Michael Jackson’s daughter has been flirting with girls on a dating app following her breakup with Michael Snoddy – and she isn’t keeping it a secret.

“Paris has made no secret of having crushes on girls in the past and wants to keep her options open,” an insider told the outlet. “She’s not interested in making a big statement about her sexuality. She thinks it’s unnecessary in 2017, but she’s having fun chatting to sexy women online.”

Paris has shared some interesting comments in the past few weeks that hinted of her bisexuality. This includes mentioning the gay community and saying things like “we” and “us.” She even told one fan that people have known about her bisexuality for years after they pointed out that she took a girl to prom.

As far as her ex-boyfriend is concerned, the insider noted that they are still good friends. Paris, however, is happier as a single woman and is content with doing whatever she wants. Part of Paris’ openness comes from her father, who didn’t raise her in a homophobic house.

“My dad raised me in a very open-minded house… I was eight years old, in love with this female on the cover of a magazine. Instead of yelling at me, like most homophobic parents, he was making fun of me, like, ‘Oh, you got yourself a girlfriend.'”

Paris was reportedly using the high-profile dating app, Raya, when she flirted with other women. It isn’t clear if Paris is currently dating a girl, but the source did reveal that she’s only looking for a casual relationship at the moment.

In addition to her bisexual bombshell, Us Magazine reports that Paris Jackson isn’t afraid to stand up to internet trolls, especially when it comes to body shaming. Paris recently fired back at a fan who noted that she has gained a little bit of extra weight in the past few months.

“Yes, you have [put] on a little weight,” the fan posted on Twitter, to which Paris responded, “F**k yeah I have.”

Paris’ reaction went over great with other fans on social media. In fact, several encouraged her on and told her to be proud of how she looks at 19. Others pointed out that everyone puts on a little weight over the years, especially when they are only teenagers.

“I’d sure hope she has put on a little weight. If she were still the same weight that she was as a child I’d be really concerned,” another fan added.


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Paris has put down haters on social media in the past. Back in 2016, Paris responded to a bunch of fans who harassed her about sharing a Father’s Day message about her late father on social media. Paris elected to remain quiet during the special day and told fans that it was none of their business.

Jackson passed away in 2009. Paris remained relatively quiet about the pop icon until recently. Last year, she opened up about what it was like being raised by Jackson and how he influenced her view on the world. At one point, Paris contemplated stepping out of the spotlight and living a secluded life. Fortunately, she realized the positive influence she could have on the world and has been steadily making a name for herself over the past year.

While Paris Jackson has some grand plans for the future, she also admitted that she doesn’t have everything figured out just yet. “I mean, I’m 18. I can’t have it all together, but I do have a plan,” she stated.

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