Kendall Jenner attends a pot party at Coachella 2017.

Kendall Jenner Attends Pot Party At Coachella, Reportedly Did Not Take A Single Puff Of Weed

Kendall Jenner tried to keep things clean during her Coachella escapade as she reportedly attended the Weedmaps’ “Marijuana Oasis” afterparty.

Following her controversial Pepsi backlash, Kendall Jenner finally made her return to the spotlight at this year’s Coachella. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was spotted out and about at the music and arts festival held in Indio, California. The supermodel wowed the crowd with her fashionable ensemble and intriguing companion, A$AP Rocky.

In a recent report by TMZ, it was revealed that Kendall Jenner and the rapper have been hanging out during the event and even attended parties together. Apparently, the 21-year-old reality star showed up at the “Marijuana Oasis” afterparty along with an entourage of nine, including her close friends Hailey Baldwin and A$AP Rocky, the latter of whom was set to perform that night. Sources claim that the group arrived around midnight.


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Despite the party’s theme and available weed on site, onlookers revealed that Kendall Jenner did not take one puff of pot. According to reports, almost everyone at the party was “toking up” on pre-rolled joint products from Gen-X, West Coast Cure, Brass Knuckles, Nameless Genetics, and FlavRX.

However, the second youngest Jenner appears to be not a fan of ganja — at least in public. This is despite rumored boyfriend A$AP Rocky allegedly smoking a lot.

Apparently, Kendall Jenner managed to maintain her model image while having fun at the same time. Instead of joining the crowd with their pot session, the Estee Lauder ambassador enjoyed the night by dancing with friends, taking selfies, and snatching A$AP Rocky’s yellow goggles off his head. Hailey Baldwin also joined Kendall’s abstinence as she too steered clear from the pot.

Earlier that day, Kendall and Kylie Jenner teamed up to host the “Winter Bumbleland” for dating app Bumble. The social and dating application company tapped the Jenner siblings to hold the event, which also featured music from Simi & Haze.

However, many were quick to notice that the reality star looked unhappy during the party. According to reports, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin headed to the VIP area and hung out under a canvas igloo while taking some pictures.

“Kendall did not look happy. She was hanging out alone on a corner couch in the VIP area with Hailey Baldwin and staring at her phone.”

Kendall’s Coachella party comes just weeks after her pulled-out Pepsi advertisement. It can be recalled that the Calvin Klein endorser received some backlash from her controversial Pepsi commercial. The advertisement, titled “Live For Now Moments Anthem,” featured Kendall Jenner as a model who ditched a photo shoot to join a group of protesters.

In the scene, the reality star can be seen posing with her blond wig and silver dress while attractive protesters marched along the nearby streets. Kendall Jenner, who appeared to be moved by the protests, joined in as she dramatically removed her wig and smeared her lipstick.

The clip ended with the KUWTK star handing a Pepsi can to a police officer who, in return, takes a sip and is applauded by protesters. Many were quick to criticize the beverage giant for allegedly being insensitive to national issues such as anti-Trump resistance, Black Lives Matter, and other movements.

Kendall Jenner already expressed her disappointment about the unexpected outcome of her Pepsi project. In a recent report, it was revealed that the young supermodel is still not happy about the controversy and plans on “laying low” until everything cools down. It was also revealed that she has been seeking support from the Kardashian-Jenner clan, especially during the peak of the issue.

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