Watch April the giraffe and her little boy calf live online

Watch April The Giraffe Live Cam, Animal Adventure Park Shares Videos Of Calf Taking First Steps, Relive Birth

At approximately 7:30 a.m. on Saturday morning April 15, 2017, the Animal Adventure Park (AAP) issued their active labor alert and notified the world that April the giraffe was ready to give birth live online. It’s been a busy weekend for everyone as Western Christianity celebrated Easter on Sunday, but one giraffe in Harpursville, New York, has taken it in stride. Millions watched as April gave birth, and her new calf has become an instant sensation. While many waited several months to see April give birth so they could return to a giraffe-cam free life, many have found the time-limited cam has them watching even more. If you haven’t watched April give birth, you can relive the event in the videos below. You can also watch the live giraffe cam with April and her newborn calf in the video playlist. Additionally, the Animal Adventure Park shared a new video of the calf’s first steps.

Watch April the Giraffe and Calf Via the Live Cam

From the beginning, Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch stated the live giraffe cam will remain active for approximately five days following the birth of April’s calf. Because the giraffe cam isn’t expected to remain online much longer, many people are tuning in to watch the last moments of April and her calf live online. The Animal Adventure Park opens on May 13, 2017. You may watch April and her calf in the live cam below.

Animal Adventure Park Shares Video of Calf’s First Steps

Giraffe calves stand up within 30 minutes following birth and can walk and run shortly thereafter. Those who watched the live cam noticed the calf quickly tried to stand and even fell over. The Animal Adventure Park shared a new video showing the calf’s first steps. You can see more of the process in the videos below that show April giving birth to her calf from start to finish. The active labor alert was sent at approximately 7:30 a.m. and the calf was born right around 10 a.m.

Watch April the Giraffe Give Birth Via Live YouTube Cam

April the giraffe gave birth at the Animal Adventure Park, and they showed it live on two streams. The first stream was from the live YouTube cam and you can watch the birth as it happened from start to glorious finish in the video player below. More than 1 million people watched the giraffe cam when April gave birth and the video captured from the stream is approaching 14 million views. Did you watch April the giraffe while she was in active labor via the YouTube live giraffe cam?

Watch April the Giraffe Give Birth via Facebook Live

Jordan Patch had promised to provide an additional live stream from Facebook once hooves were seen, and he held fast to that promise. Once the active labor alert was sent and people tuned into the live YouTube cam, the Animal Adventure Park Facebook page began live streaming. The labor and delivery took approximately two and a half hours and the world was tuned into the excitement. The Animal Adventure Park had stated they would have a hands-off approach and only intervene if something was wrong. You can see AAP staff as they watch and wait with the rest of the world for April’s calf to appear. Here are the videos of the calf’s birth as streamed live on Facebook.

Animal Adventure Park on Good Morning America, New Photos of April’s Calf

At approximately 7:44 a.m. Monday morning, the Animal Adventure Park was featured on the morning news show Good Morning America. You may watch that video below. Here is a new photo of April’s calf along with more photos released by the AAP.

The Inquisitr was first to report on April the giraffe and her pregnancy. It has been a wonderful journey and we thank the Animal Adventure Park for allowing the world to be part of this experience.

Are you still watching the live giraffe cam? Do you plan to visit the Animal Adventure Park this summer?

[Featured Image by Martin Gallie/Shutterstock]