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Katy Perry-Justin Bieber Mix-Up: Apparently, Perry Looks Like A Dude Now

Mirror reports Katy Perry has really gone the extra mile this time. Perry has been known to make drastic changes to her appearance in the past, but the intense makeover Katy unveiled to the world on Saturday morning makes them all look minor. Think “Britney spears shaving her head back in 2007.” Yeah, we’re talking that level of intense. And the public reactions, which vary widely, are the best part.

Pretty much all Perry seems to have changed is her hair, but she really did a number on it. In fact, it prompted many commenters on Katy’s Saturday post to mistake her for Justin Bieber.

Thank Goddess ✨???????? ????@janellshirtcliff

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“Katy, you are cute, but you now look like Justin Bieber,” wrote one Perry fan.

“Eeek – where’s @katyperry?” chimed in another. “Did Justin eat her?”

The responses insisting the figure in the photo looks like JB just kept pouring in.

“Hi Justin.”

“I thought it was Justin Bieber in drag.”

“When did Justin Bieber grow boobs?”

That last response especially suggests that those who had “mistaken” Katy Perry for The Biebs were probably joking. After all, the photo certainly does not try to hide the fact that Perry has breasts.

Although those potentially offensive comparisons could be written off as humor, though, there were just as many comments that are obviously not meant as playful jabs and which are downright mean.

“Ugly af,” reads one.

“You’ll be missing your hair soon.”

“Looking like a big mess.”


“Why u cut ur hair like that?”

On one hand, it is the internet, and everything popular on the internet is going to get a few negative responses. On the other hand, the negative backlash over this particular haircut is way worse than it has been for any of Katy Perry’s style choices in the past.

The Met Costume Institute Benefit Gala
A non-traditional style Perry showed off at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit Gala in May 2016. [Image by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP Images]

Perhaps even more negative and potentially hurtful than the comments just dissing the haircut, though, are the ones actually calling Katy Perry a traitor to her upbringing.

“Why have you turned your back on God? Thank Goddess??? Really? You were raised to worship the one and only true God. The savior Jesus….praying 4 u,” said one evidently disappointed commenter.

For those who don’t know, Perry was raised in a devout Christian household and actually began her music career as a gospel artist. She has since been harshly criticized by certain members of the Christian faith, reported the Inquisitr, for “selling out” by wearing outlandish and revealing clothing, singing songs like “I Kissed A Girl” with “sacrilegious” subject matter, and even partaking, however ironically, in Wiccan rituals.

Perry Grammy Performance
Katy Perry performing ‘Dark Horse’ at the 2014 Grammys. [Image by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP Images]

Apparently, bold fashion statements are also sacrilegious. It might also have something to do with the fact that Perry’s shirt has the word “goddess” printed on it in bedazzled silver letters.

Naturally, given the fact that most people viewing Katy Perry’s Instagram photos are Katy Perry fans, at least half of the comments were perfectly kind.

“It’s a powerful image, you’re so goddess-like yourself and look beautiful, and full of light!” wrote Katyperry_was_here.

“I love your short hair, reminds me of Halsey! You look great,” added another, referring to a popular electropop artist with a similar hair style.

As for Perry, she doesn’t seem to have been phased. People reports she was “in good spirits” at the Easter brunch she held yesterday, and Katy is still unapologetically rocking her new ‘do.

been doing this since before you were a bloop in the womb

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Now if Katy Perry could at least start dropping some hints about her inevitable new album that fans expect to arrive in 2017, we would have much bigger things to get excited about than her hair! Until then, let the inane commentary continue?

What do you think of Katy Perry’s new style? Love it or hate it, make yourself heard in the comments section!

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