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Ariel Winter Freaks Out Boyfriend With Awkward Baby Voice [Video]

Ariel Winter is best known for her role on Modern Family, but the actress has recently been spreading her wings and stretching her acting muscles in feature films. Among the most recent is Smurfs: The Lost Village and, while working on an animated film wasn’t physically exhausting for Ariel, she does reveal that the experience of voicing SmurfLily came with its own set of challenges. In speaking about the experience on Conan, Winter reveals that one voice, in particular, has earned the scorn of her closest friends, including the Modern Family star’s boyfriend.

Ariel Winter Shares Her Creepy Baby Voice on Conan

While appearing as a guest on Conan, Ariel told the talk show host about her experience working on Smurfs: The Lost Village and, as People reports, that animated film was unlike others the actress has worked on in the past. Previously, Winter has used a number of altered voices for her animated characters, but Smurfs producers urged the actress to just use her own voice.

Ariel told the talk show host that working with her own voice was something rare for her and commented that she was accustomed to creating “weird” voices for the characters she has played in animated films.

Conan O’Brien caught on to the use of the word “weird” in Winter’s statement and urged her to elaborate.

The Smurfs actress explained that one voice, in particular, really makes her friends uncomfortable, adding that it bothers her boyfriend most of all. Ariel says she sometimes speaks in that voice to purposely make her boyfriend cringe.

“I’m just a little baby. I’m just your little baby girl,” Ms. Winter said in her mock baby voice, when beckoned to give an example.

Conan voiced everyone’s thoughts at that moment, saying that he understands why her baby voice would make people uncomfortable. The late night host then suggested Ariel shouldn’t make that voice too often.

Maybe never again.

Ariel Winter is an Adult Now and Her Modern Family Co-Stars Noticed

❤???? Makeup: @kipzachary Hair: @jonathan_colombini

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Maxim reports that Ariel was the target of one of her Modern Family co-stars, who chose her 16th birthday to flip the bird and mouth the words “F— you!” at the actress. While that may seem harsh and more than a little mean, the actress shared that the gesture and the mocked curse words were all done in good fun, welcoming the actress to adulthood.

That actor was Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cameron on Modern Family, and he was just wishing Winter a happy birthday in his own way.

“And then he came over to me and whispered in my ear, and he goes, ‘Well, you’re 16; you’re an adult now so… f— you.'”

Stonestreet isn’t the only one to notice Winter’s transition from a teen to an adult actress. Ariel, who is now 19-years-old, has been exploring her sexuality and her thoughts on body shamers and cyberbullies for quite some time. Some of her Instagram posts have drawn harsh criticism from her followers, many of whom feel she should watch the way she presents herself in light of her family-friendly television and film roles.

Ariel isn’t listening. For her recent trip to Coachella, Ms. Winter wore a pair of short denim shorts and a tight fitting white top with an open chest to expose her cleavage. Visiting the H&M booth at Coachella, Ariel showed off those curves will plugging the brand in an Instagram posting.

Thank you so much @hm ❤️❤️❤️Love the Coachella collection!!! #hmlovescoachella #hmpartner

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That’s nothing compared to the black see-through gown Winter wore to the Smurfs: The Lost Village premiere. For that event, Winter shared a photo of herself kissing a giant smurf in a very Marilyn Monroe -esque pose, only to be haunted by trolls and body-shamers.

“Why is she wearing this to a Smurfs movie premiere? She talks about body confidence and uses Maya Angelou’s great work to hush people, but what about this is body confidence? It’s just showing skin,” wrote one critic.

#Smurfs #TheLostVillage #April7th ???? Everyone go see it!!!!! I'm SmurfLily 😉

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Ariel Winter has proven time and again that she won’t let her haters define who she is or make her feel uncomfortable for the outfits she prefers to wear. While criticism isn’t likely to stop anytime soon, Ms. Winter is going to keep doing her own thing, stopping from time to time to put haters in their place.

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