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Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Hook-Up Rumors Swirl As They Rehearse Together

Jennifer Lopez rehearsed with her ex Marc Anthony and it looks like people are talking about an alleged hook up.

However, TMZ claims that the rumors of a hook-up are false and that Alex Rodriguez was very much present in VIP section while Lopez practiced.

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After the rumors of Jennifer Lopez’s romance with Drake fizzled out, she was seen with Alex Rodriguez and the Inquisitr has reported that her friends and family think Jennifer has “scored” with Rodriguez.

“Jennifer’s family is excited about her dating him. They think she finally scored,” a source told People magazine.

It looks like both are spending a lot of time with their families. This “is of course a big deal but a natural step … She is spending time with his family, too.”

“They are definitely getting more serious,” a source close to Lopez says of the couple.

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The sources have said that when they are not with each other, they speak every day.

“When they are apart, they speak every day. It’s like they can’t get enough of each other.”

The two already have families and it may be a bit problematic. However, it looks like their children are getting to know each other well. “It’s always unpredictable when you try to merge to families with young kids, but so far so good,” adds the source.

The kids spend time with each other too. “The kids have all spent time together, and everyone is getting along.”

“Jennifer says she has never been in this kind of relationship,” the source said.

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It’s been said that her relationship with Rodriguez “works and is easy. She is very happy.”

Jennifer wasn’t very lucky when it came to her relationship with Drake. She always felt very insecure when she was with him or even away.

Needless to say, Jennifer Lopez is a very confident woman but even she couldn’t help it if Drake got his hands on every girl he saw. She was very worried when they were away.

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“J.Lo’s as confident as any sexy woman could be, but she’s worried like hell about Drake at his Super Bowl gig,” a source told Hollywood Life exclusively.

However, what does it mean for Marc and Jennifer now that she is seeing Alex Rodriguez? It looks like the two continue to be on very good terms and are great friends. After all, the two have kids together. “Jennifer and Marc continue to talk and are very good friends,” the source shares.

The sources go on to say that when Jennifer Lopez was going around with Drake, Marc hoped that it never works out for them. It’s not known if the reason for this was jealousy or that Marc knew Drake wasn’t the right person for Jennifer. The rumors were that Marc hoped Jennifer Lopez would come back to him. “Marc is going to be a constant presence in her life and hopes that this fling with Drake just fizzles out. Jennifer is a hopeless romantic and Marc is praying that once the honeymoon phase of dating Drake is over, she will come back to him,” the Inquisitr had reported.

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However, Jennifer Lopez has said time and again that there is a reason she and Marc Anthony aren’t together and one of the reasons of it was that she can’t trust Marc.

It surely shouldn’t be a problem that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony rehearse together. They can be friends and professional partners. Surely, that won’t annoy Alex Rodriguez.

Do you think Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s relationship would work out? Do you think she’d get back to Marc Anthony? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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