John Stamos Uncovers Great-Grandfather's Murder: 'Who Do You Think You Are' Delves Into Actor's Family Secrets

John Stamos Uncovers Great-Grandfather’s Murder: ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Explores Actor’s Family Secrets

John Stamos made a heartbreaking discovery on who Do You Think You Are? — the brutal murder of his great-grandfather by someone who was supposed to be a friend.

The 53-year-old actor appeared on the TLC reality show on the April 16 episode, delving into a family history that quickly showed to be tragic. Like many of the other celebrities featured on the genealogy show, Stamos had plenty of blank spots in his family’s history. One of the chief mysteries was how his grandfather became an orphan by the age of 13.

As John Stamos learned on Who Do You Think You Are?, the reason was quite dramatic. In the episode, Stamos found out that his great-grandfather Vas. S. Stamatopoulos was shot to death when he was still a young man with a growing family. The person who pulled the trigger was someone named “Judas” — who was supposedly a friend of Stamatopoulos.

“Wow,” Stamos told People magazine in a preview of the episode. “Pretty violent, isn’t it?”

Stamos learned that his great-grandfather was 38 when he was killed in 1905, leaving behind a wife and a 1-year-old boy, who would become Stamos’ grandfather.

His great-grandmother also died when his grandfather was still young, but Stamos learned that he was able to overcome the difficult circumstances and live a happy and successful life.

“I couldn’t imagine growing up without both parents. Right when I saw that, I was like oh, my heart, you know?” he said (via Fox News).

“My grandfather was a very successful man, a very successful businessman, a very proud father and grandfather, too. I guess he had to make up for lost family.”

John Stamos learned that his grandfather later immigrated to the United States and changed his last name from Stamatopoulos to Stamos, according to Biography.

His grandfather’s difficult early life strikes a chord for John Stamos. The actor has lost both of his parents, with his father Bill passing away in 2001 and his mother Loretta dying in 2014.

While John Stamos may have uncovered a bit of family heartache on Who Do You Think You Are?, the actor is actually at something of a professional peak himself. The actor just returned for his third season of the Full House reboot, Fuller House, and gave fans a bit of a preview on Instagram.

We're baaaaaack! #fullerhouse #S3

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As Today noted, the new season will be even bigger than the first two.

“There aren’t too many details known about the third season of the series so far, other than the fact that fans can expect more of the same fun — as in more episodes,” the report noted.

“While both the first and second season topped out at 13 episodes each, the new run will boast 18.”

Stamos has seen plenty of memorable moments in his own career, starting with his breakout role on General Hospital when he was just 18 and continuing through his role as Uncle Jesse of Full House.

As Biography noted, Stamos even lived out his dream of playing with his idols, The Beach Boys.

“Still bolstered by his burgeoning fame, Stamos befriended his idols, The Beach Boys, and was invited to drum with them at their Fourth of July set in 1985. The Washington, D.C., performance drew 1.5 million people and the band, pleased with Stamos’ penchant for percussion, used him frequently as a touring and session drummer.”

The relationship would continue, with Stamos touring with The Beach Boys in the 1980s and early 1990s, even appearing in the music video for their 1988 hit “Kokomo.”

Those who want to learn more about John Stamos and his great-grandfather’s murder can check out show on the official Who Do You Think You Are? page.

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