WWE News: Superstar Talks About When WWE Told Her She Was Moving To 'Monday Night Raw' In Superstar Shakeup

WWE News: Superstar Talks About When WWE Told Her She Was Moving To ‘Monday Night Raw’ In Superstar Shakeup

A lot of WWE fans enjoy hearing how things are pulled off behind-the-scenes, and a former WWE women’s champion revealed that the recent superstar shakeup was a last minute decision. Alexa Bliss, the former WWE women’s champion from SmackDown Live, told Fox Sports that she didn’t know she was coming to Monday Night Raw until Monday morning.

When it comes to the women’s division, both Alexa Bliss and Mikey James came to Monday Night Raw while Charlotte Flair went to SmackDown Live along with the returning Tamina Snuka. While Charlotte will become the face of the SmackDown Live women’s division, Alexa Bliss and Mickey James will join an already strong Monday Night Raw division.

WWE News: Superstar Talks About When WWE Told Her She Was Moving To 'Monday Night Raw' In Superstar Shakeup
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According to Dave Meltzer, plans for the WWE superstar shakeup was changing as the date grew close, with names like AJ Styles, Roman Reigns, and John Cena all rumored to change brands but all staying put. This seems to make sense with the last minute decisions to tell the talent.

“I found out pretty much that morning. The night before we got travel, and were going to be able to travel where Raw was. I wasn’t sure if they were bringing people in to kind of throw us off or if we were actually being drafted to Raw.”

According to Alexa Bliss, coming to Monday Night Raw is a great opportunity for her. She said that a goal is to now win the Raw women’s championship before WrestleMania 34 so that she can say that she held both Raw and SmackDown Live women’s titles within one year of each other.

Before that can happen, it looks like the Alexa Bliss vs. Mickey James feud will continue on. It was Alexa Bliss that brought Mickey James back to the WWE to help her beat Becky Lynch and hold onto the SmackDown Live women’s title. However, Alexa Bliss and Mickey James soon fell out and have been feuding, something that will continue on Monday Night Raw according to Mickey James.

On Monday Night Raw, Alexa Bliss joins a very talented roster of women. While Charlotte Flair has left for SmackDown Live, still on Monday Night Raw are names like Sasha Banks, Nia Jax, Mickey James, and Monday Night Raw women’s champion Bayley.

Alexa Bliss talked about how great it will be to wrestle against Bayley, who she said helped her a lot in her career in NXT, as well as pairing off with Nia Jax, who was her roommate on NXT trips. Alexa Bliss also said that it will be fun to switch to Monday Night Raw because it means new matches and experiences in her career.

WWE News: Superstar Talks About When WWE Told Her She Was Moving To 'Monday Night Raw' In Superstar Shakeup
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Hearing from Alexa Bliss that the WWE did not inform her of the move to Monday Night Raw until that morning is the second time that a superstar said that they were not informed ahead of time that they were moving. Heath Slater also went to Twitter and said that he learned he was moving when they announced it on Raw just like the fans did.

That makes moves like that of Alexa Bliss interesting. While Heath Slater was just announced with a graphic, Alexa Bliss had to come out to the ring and cut a promo against Sasha Banks and Bayley with just part of Monday to prepare for it.

“Oh yeah, I definitely was the new kid. Walking in, everyone’s already kind of had their place there. I’m just coming in, brand new, first day of school. Everything’s about first impressions, so just making sure I make a good first impression on people.”

Alexa Bliss will get her official start on Monday Night Raw this week as the new storylines are set to kick off, possibly with a feud against Mickey James as her launching point.

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