Queen Elizabeth II in sea green on Easter 2017.

Queen Elizabeth II’s 2017 Easter Includes ‘The Crown’ Season 3 News That Claire Foy Is Quitting

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated Easter 2017 with the rest of the royal family in church. However, there are a few weird twists in the headlines concerning Queen Elizabeth lately, and The Crown is one of them.

According to People, the actress that portrays Queen Elizabeth in The Crown, Claire Foy, announced she was going to quit the successful Netflix series after Season 2.

Part of the reason Claire Foy will no longer work with The Crown was no surprise to anyone behind-the-scenes, because it was included in her contract that she was not bound to be part of the show for multiple seasons.

Although Queen Elizabeth has never made a public comment about Season 1 of The Crown, Claire Foy did get to meet her majesty in January and stated the following about the experience.

“It was very brief. She touched my hand and I touched hers.”

Nevertheless, if Claire Foy ever hopes to get an opinion out of Queen Elizabeth about her portrayal of the queen in The Crown, actress Helen Mirren thinks she should put those ideas to rest.

Claire Foy's last season as Queen Elizabeth.
Claire Foy announced around Easter that she would no longer play Queen Elizabeth after Season 2 of “The Crown.” [Image by Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images]

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Queen Elizabeth does not give public opinions about actors or pop culture, according to Helen Mirren.

About Queen Elizabeth and the royal family, Helen Mirren also stated the following.

“They don’t defend themselves. They don’t say anything. In a sense, it’s not their role to critique that particular world. Likewise, it applies to a film that I know was appreciated by the people around the queen — but the queen herself would never say anything.”

Regardless, Easter is always a weird time for Queen Elizabeth — and it is not just about the oddity of her church hats. For example, on Easter each year, Queen Elizabeth gives out bags of money.

This year, to reflect her age, Queen Elizabeth gave out 91 bags of royal mint coins to an equal number of male and female pensioners (retirees), according to Metro. The ceremony of “Maundy Money” has been performed by British royals since the 1400s, and it is meant to symbolize how Christ washed the feet of the homeless.

There is also the weird tradition where Queen Elizabeth gets a bag of 61 nails each year around the first of November, according to UPI.

The ceremony is called “Rendering of the Quit Rents” and it was first paid to the royal family in 1211. Although the tradition is kept each year for the sake of tradition itself, no one knows where the original location of the two plots of land actually are.

On top of this weird headline about Maundy Money, Queen Elizabeth has been doing a lot of strange employing. The Telegraph reported in April that Queen Elizabeth was hiring someone with her shoe size to break in her new shoes.

Queen Elizabeth no longer played by Claire Foy for The Crown Season 3.
It was also revealed during Claire Foy’s speech that she was quitting Queen Elizabeth’s role that hints were dropped about “The Crown” Season 3 in 2018. [Image by Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images]

Queen Elizabeth also needs employees for the specific task of picking out which curtains look best in her royal residences, according to Observer.

Just a few days before Easter, on April 11, the Guardian reported that Queen Elizabeth had another weird incident when it was unclear what the “royal protocol” might be for an elephant to be enthusiastic about meeting her majesty. Despite his poor manners, Queen Elizabeth rewarded the elephant with a banana.

Of course, Queen Elizabeth knows what it feels like to need something sweet, and AOL recently reported that she allegedly never travels without some portions of cake.

Queen Elizabeth might also be inviting some of these jokes at her expense because she is reportedly fun-loving behind-closed-doors. Australia News reported that Queen Elizabeth’s young grand kids have several unique nicknames for her, including calling her “Gary” instead of Granny.

Naturally, some historians are delighted to keep track of all the funny and strange Queen Elizabeth stories over the years. Reader’s Digest recently compiled Queen Elizabeth’s weird history and focused on epic stories such as her extraordinary wedding gifts.

One other weird piece of trivia they pointed out was the popularity of the rumors about Queen Elizabeth and her former horse racing manager, “Porchie,” aka Lord Porchester, and later Earl of Carnarvon. Evidently, the alleged “affair” between Porchie and Queen Elizabeth was popularized because of Netflix’s The Crown.

[Feature Image by Peter Nicholls/WPA Pool/Getty Images]