Pokemon GO players hunt Pokemon together

‘Pokemon GO’ Update: Co-Op, Trading, Legendary Monsters Coming After Easter Event, ‘Huge’ Summer Event Teased

Pokemon GO’s Easter event is ongoing, and while the ability to hatch 5km and 10km monsters from 2km eggs is a treat, players are looking for bigger updates that will finally introduce the features they have been waiting for. Recently, something “huge” has been teased to be coming this summer.

The Pokemon GO summer event will change the game – and for the better. Although the Augmented Reality app had a very strong arrival, it lacked major features that are standard in the Pokemon franchise. The mobile game is still going strong, but it should receive the awaited updates soon before it loses its players.

New Pokemon GO Functions Coming This Summer

Fortunately, that is happening soon as teased by Niantic. In an interview with the Japanese website K-Tai Watch, Niantic’s Asian General Manager Yoshiji Kawashima said that the company is planning a huge event in summer, which might feature some of the most awaited game mechanics, Android Central reports.

“I hope you are looking forward to this huge event this summer. Please look forward to it. Engineers are working hard now so that new functions can be implemented.”

The new functions that Kawashima mentioned will hopefully include trading and PvP. Niantic already laid out how trading would work, and in line with the game’s purpose, it’s not going to be easy for players.

Trading will not work through the internet, Senior Product Manager Tatsuo Nomura made clear to Polygon. This means that the days of just going online and find the preferred Pokemon are gone. The traders will need to be within the same area to make a deal. So to get a region-locked monster, players must know someone who has it and set up a meeting.

Other game mechanics that will be arriving are raids and co-op gameplay. The latter is arriving as early as spring and as the Inquisitr previously reported, it will finally include PvP and PvE. It will also further bring players together instead of having trainers play alone.

Legendary Pokemon Coming This Summer?

Pokemon GO’s summer event could also include the introduction of Legendary monsters. The Legendary pokes, Mewtwo and Mew, from Generation 1 are still nowhere to be found, even though Gen 2 has already arrived. As Niantic is celebrating the game’s first anniversary this July, it is likely that it will hold some kind of event that will have players catch or battle these missing Pokemon.

Mewtwo is coming soon to Pokemon GO
Players might have to battle Legendaries in a time-limited event [Image by Niantic]

That being said, this “huge” summer event is expected to drop on Pokemon GO’s first anniversary on July 6, though Niantic still has to make an official announcement. It is the perfect time to introduce drastic changes to the game and to celebrate the arrival of Gen 1 monsters by finally completing the Pokedex for this generation.

However, the Gen 2 Legendaries and other MIA monsters may not arrive during the Pokemon GO summer event. It is unknown at this time when they could be coming, but it’s assumed that they will remain missing for the rest of the year.

In the meantime, Pokemon GO players can get busy walking to hatch their eggs. Buying incubators is recommended so that multiple eggs can hatch at the same time, but it is not a must. Eevee, Onix, Lapras and other less common to rare Pokemon can be hatched from 2km eggs, but they are normally from 5km or 10km eggs.

Other features of the event include an increase in Candy drops from hatching, double XP (multiplied by four with Lucky Egg) and a 50 percent discount on Lucky Eggs.

The Pokemon GO Easter event is ending on April 20 at 1 p.m. PST. Aside from this and the huge summer update, other smaller events will be scattered throughout the rest of the year.

[Featured Image byMike Coppola/Getty Images]