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Tyga To Break Up Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott Romance After Supposed Coachella Hookup?

Tyga is furious that Kylie Jenner is said to be hinting that she may end up dating Travis Scott, sources claim.

The rapper, who attended Coachella with some of his closest pals, was only said to have made the last-minute decision to head to the festival after learning that Kylie was also going to be there.

Tyga has supposedly been hearing about rumors concerning the 19-year-old and Travis Scott, whose reportedly been hitting on Jenner through social media, which has definitely annoyed Tyga since he was sure that he and Kylie would eventually reconcile.

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Breaking up and getting back together is nothing new for Tyga and Jenner, especially since they’ve split four times in just two years. But this time around, it seems as if the reality star is ready to move on with her life, subsequently throwing the father-of-one completely off guard.

Kylie has a blast at Coachella. She knew that Travis was going to be there, with Hollywood Life adding that the TV star stayed for the entire set while the rapper performed. The two were then said to have headed to an after-party together, and from what onlookers said, it definitely seems as if the two are dating, Daily Mail continued to report.

Tyga is furious by the thought of Travis hooking up with Kylie, and to make matters worse, this was all happening while he was at the same festival as them. His only reason for coming to Coachella was to keep an eye on Jenner and then he hears about potential relationship rumors with Travis — it completely destroyed him, the source shares.

“He is not ready to let go of Kylie yet. Tyga is trying to stay busy and act like he’s having the time of his life at the festival, but he’s secretly checking her social media all the time,” the insider gushes.

“Tyga won’t admit it, but his friends think it’s obvious he wants to get back together with her. He can’t stand the thought of her being with anyone else, so the fact that she’s been hanging out with Travis is driving him nuts.”

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Having already hoped that he would have reconciled with Kylie by now, Tyga has yet to hear back from his ex-girlfriend, who has made it no secret on her social media accounts that she’s having the time of her life being single again.

While Tyga has kept a rather low profile since his split with Kylie, the socialite has been jetting all over the country, attending parties with friends, and enjoying her life to the fullest, giving the impression that the breakup didn’t bother her as much as it did for Tyga.

It’s unclear what actions the father-of-one plans to take now that he’s beginning to see that Travis Scott is said to be flirting with his on-again, off-again girlfriend, but from what Hollywood Life has explained, the 27-year-old is refusing to accept the supposed fact that his romance with Kylie is officially over.

Tyga will fight to win Jenner back. After all, they have so much history together, the “Faded” rapper can’t see himself ending the relationship just like that.

Of course, whether or not the reality star is willing to give Tyga another chance is another question. Kylie has remained quiet about her split from Tyga, having yet to publicly announce that she’s no longer dating the rapper.

The two were last seen early March before their alleged split by the end of that same month.

Do you think Tyga stands a chance to make things right with his ex-girlfriend in the hopes that she won’t end up getting together with Travis Scott?

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