‘One Piece’ Chapter 856 Manga Spoilers – Sanji’s Confession And Luffy’s Action

‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 862 Spoilers: Sanji-Pudding Wedding Turns Chaotic As Bride’s Resolve Weakens

In chapter 862 of immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece mangaka Eiichiro Oda finally reveals the wedding extravaganza of the Sanji-Pudding wedding. Will the Straw Hats pirates and Fire Tank pirates take out Yonko Big Mom?

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 862 spoilers/recap ahead]

Chapter 862 of manga One Piece finally reveals the actual wedding ceremony between the 35th daughter of Charlotte Linlin, Lady Pudding, and the third son of Judge Vinsmoke, Sanji Vinsmoke, in all its pompousness. The chapter can easily be considered to the one that’s brimming with excitement about two deadly and treacherous assassination plots that have been in the making for quite a few chapters, and have been the reason behind one of the most unlikeliest of alliances between Luffy D. Monkey and Capone ‘Gang’ Bege.

The previous chapter marked the beginning of the wedding ceremony. However, it also indicated that the plot to kill Yonko Big Mom was set afoot by Capone. Despite the fact that a dangerous mission has already begun, the Straw Hats pirates were seen peacefully napping at the headquarters of the Fire Tank Pirates. The current chapter reveals just how deep sleeper is the Straw Hats captain.

While in the previous chapter Jinbei had justified the group’s siesta amidst the tense situation, in the current chapter, a very nervous sharkman mercilessly beats Luffy in the hopes of waking him. Jinbei appeals to Luffy’s better judgment too., but to no avail. It is apparent that the Straw Hats captain is still ravenously hungry because he is dreaming about a good, hearty meal. Fortunately, a heavy breakfast is quickly arranged for Luffy.

Meanwhile back at the Whole Cake Chateau, the mega ceremony begins with the introduction of the bride and groom. Sanji and Pudding arrive at the ceremony atop Big Mom’s thunder cloud, Zeus. They are welcomed by a large band that plays a very suggestive song which hints at Big Mom’s assassination plot. It is clear that Pudding is playing her part of a beautiful, sweet and innocent-looking looking bride with a malicious heart. However, owing to his nature, Sanji routinely allows his heart to wander, but fortunately is able to remind himself of the treacherous fate that awaits all the Vinsmoke family.

As soon as the duo arrives, the head chef launches a multistoried wedding cake that will also serve as the towering altar for the wedding vows. As expected, Big Mom is beside herself with joy after witnessing such a huge and sweet delicacy. As the bride and groom position themselves for the wedding ceremony, Big Mom indicates that the Vinsmoke assassination plot has begun. In the earlier chapter, Pudding had tested a percussion revolver designed specially to pierce the genetically toughened skin of the Vinsmoke family. In the present chapter, a select few commanders are seen packing the weapon.

The scene briefly shifts to the Vinsmoke’s table at the wedding, where the family is seated. Looking at Lady Pudding, the eldest son of Judge Vinsmoke can’t help but think that he should have been up there beside her. However, he is quickly reminded about the reason Sanji was chosen to wed Pudding. The Vinsmoke reiterate the sad repercussions of marrying one of Big Mom’s daughters. Since the sole daughter of Judge Vinsmoke, Reiju, is aware of the plot to assassinate them after the wedding, she carefully spots the marksmen that surround the Vinsmoke’s table. However, as indicated earlier, Reiju is prepared to die with the rest of her family as long as Sanji survives. She quietly prays for her brother, and hopes that Luffy can save him.

Although the wedding ceremony is about to conclude, Luffy and the rest of the team is still within the Fire Tank headquarters. Funnily, Luffy eventually realizes about their tardiness and asks everyone else to hurry, only to be chided about his “beauty sleep”.

Meanwhile, at the top of the wedding cake, the final vows are said. Commander Dogtooth, who has the ability to see into the future, envisions something very odd. Instead of drawing a gun and shooting Sanji point blank, he sees Lady Pudding down on her knees. He sees her sobbing uncontrollably. As expected, this confuses the commander. As expected, Dogtooth’s apparent puzzlement causes Capone to tremble with fear.

Interestingly, Lady Pudding plans to shock Sanji by revealing her third eye. However, instead of being shocked or repelled by the extra eye, Sanji calls it beautiful. This simple act of appreciation completely throws Pudding off her intentions to murder Sanji. Pudding painfully recollects about the numerous times she was ridiculed for her third eye. Sanji’s compassion emotionally overwhelms Pudding, and she bursts into tears. Bewildered, Sanji attempts to pacify her, but Pudding still can’t believe how he could admire the eye when no one had ever called it beautiful before.

As expected, the commanders and Big Mom are confused about the delay that’s been caused by Pudding atop the wedding cake. The gunshot that would have killed Sanji, was supposed to be the signal to murder the entire Vinsmoke clan. However, as Pudding doesn’t fire, the commanders start to wonder if the plot is still in effect.

Realizing that Pudding has failed to carry out Sanji’s assassination, Big Mom signals the minister who is officiating the ceremony, to kill Black Leg. However, Commander Dogtooth sees that Sanji dodges the bullet. As foretold by Dogtooth, Sanji does dodge the bullet, but strangely it is the priest who is shot and killed. It is not immediately clear who fired the bullet, but the gunshot is the signal for Luffy and the Straw Hats team to start their rescue mission.

Chapter 862 of manga One Piece doesn’t reveal what Luffy does. In the previous chapter, he had accepted the duty of tearing the Mother Caramel photo which was confirmed to be Big Mom’s sole weakness. Interestingly, Commander Dogtooth does see the attack, but accepts that he has no way of stopping what’s coming. However, he also sees Brulee begging Big Mom and crying that she had no choice but to obey. Hence it is not immediately clear whether Capone’s plans succeeds.

The chapter ends with the humongous wedding cake getting destabilized. Suddenly it bursts open, and the last panel hints that several clones of Luffy pop out to attack. The destruction of the wedding cake is bound to upset Big Mom, but a much more dangerous plot is about to unfold in the upcoming chapter of manga One Piece.

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