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Mom Gets Two Life Terms For Smothering Her Children To Death

Mom Gets Two Life Terms For Smothering Her Children To Death

A mom gets two life terms for the first-degree killing of her two children, a jury in Colorado decided on Tuesday.

The mom, Kelli Murphy, was convicted of two counts each of first-degree murder and first-degree murder of a victim under age 12, The Associated Press reported.

The Castle Rock mom gets two life terms for the conviction, a judge determined.

Prosecutors said the mom killed her two children, 6-year-old daughter Madigan and 9-year-old son Liam, in an act of revenge against her husband after the couple filed for divorce.

The mom gets two life terms on what would have been Liam’s 11th birthday. The Murphy family made note of that fact in a statement read to the jury:

“This is a sad day for us. We would have preferred to be celebrating Liam’s 11th birthday today. Instead, we would just like to offer our since sincere thanks to everyone involved in this case, including the Castle Rock police, the first responders, the numerous agencies that supported the investigation, and everyone in the DA’s office who worked tirelessly to ensure that justice was served, and who supported us throughout this long ordeal. We are also are profoundly grateful to the jurors on this trial for their service.

“Although nothing can make up for the loss of Liam and Madigan or fill the void that is left by their absence, we are thankful that this chapter is now over and we look to God to help lighten our hearts.”

Prosecutors said the killing was the vengeful act of a controlling mom, the Denver Post noted.

“This is a woman bent on control,” prosecutor Chris Gallo said during closing arguments. “Controlling her kids, her husband and her divorce … It was Kelli’s way or no way.”

Before the judge decided that the mom gets two life terms, Murphy’s attorney had asked jurors to consider a lesser sentence. The lawyer, Ara Ohanion, argued that Murphy was trying to kill herself by taking pills and drinking vodka and blacked out. When she came to, Murphy found that her children had been smothered to death but didn’t remember what happened.

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23 Responses to “Mom Gets Two Life Terms For Smothering Her Children To Death”

  1. Andrew Thomas Regan

    Why two life sentences, don't they have the death penalty?

  2. Deborah Hatt

    That bioch needs to go to the electric chair. Unforgivable act ending her own childrens lives because she was mad at her ex, the father of these babies. My heart and prayers goes out to the family. I hope that Kelli Murphy never gets out of jail. She will have no control their, haha. Hopefully she gets her azz kicked every single day.

  3. Anna Cline

    Why are they wasting time on this 'monster'. Just get rid of her…save the taxpayers money!

  4. James Welsh

    She certainly deserves death, but I think that it is better for her to suffer in prison for the remainder of her life rather than get the easy way out by lethal injection or the electric chair.

  5. Jaime Spurlock Cegielski

    Sorry, I'm not buying the"selective" memory loss. Isn't it about time we let the punishment fit the crime? Maybe this will make people think twice before killing another human being. Smh

  6. Ryan Lee Deknoblough

    Do you all know how inexpensive it would be just to put one right between her eyes and it's done? No years and years of appeals for getting the death penalty and no life in prison. All that is too damn expensive at the taxpayers expense.

  7. Sarah Walker

    Because the death penalty might as well be a life sentence, It can take someone 25 years sometimes just to be put to death because of the constant appeals and attempts to get them off. It's one long, tangled legal battle that actually ends up costing tax payers More in the long run. If it was quick, I'd be all for it. But it's almost pointless in this regard.

  8. Anonymous

    hmmm just life in prison at 40-50 k foe each lets just FRY the biatch start it off on 110v then give her some 220 v them watch her fry on some 440v til dead.

  9. Tammy Lord

    As a taxpayer now I can support another criminal the luxeries I can't afford.Death penalty needs to be brought back for monsters like this.INNOCENT animals die by the needle or gas chamber daily…and yet GUILTY people are allowed to live.

  10. Armando Acevedo

    Animals are not People. In your mind they may be people-like, but Realistically, they're Animals.
    I'm not contradicting your beliefs, but common sense plays a key role on your comment.
    Colorado may not have a death penalty law against what she has done, but God does. Hers is imminent.
    Take it from a twice divorced father of 4: Hell hath no fury as selfish woman scorned.
    Hopeful, I married 2 of them. Thankfully, I divorced them. They loved their Animals more than loving me.

  11. Traci Olson

    poor babies :( going to hug my babies extra tonight and be thankful I have them.

  12. Tammy Lord

    Your entitled to your opinion ,as I am to mine..obviously I hold animals in a higher form of respect than you do

  13. Susy Kahne

    but animals are live beings, considering them as alive as technically abusing an animal is like abusing a child

  14. Robert Hollingsworth

    They said this is a controlling woman, it is her way or no way. You think 2 life sentences is going to change anything? Why not just rid the planet of these selfish monsters. What use could she possibly be for anyone on this planet?

    To murder your own children for revenge is about as sick and evil as it gets.

  15. Robert Hollingsworth

    And i am glad someone said that too :) I do the same whenever i hear stories of animal cruelty or abuse. I immediately find my pets and give them all the love I can. How any human being can cause such harm for selfish reasons, I will never understand or comprehend. It takes a person with absolutely no morals or conscious to commit such an act. They have no purpose at all to the human race

  16. Robert Hollingsworth

    God will not do anything to punish this witch. Because God is a make believe entity you religious people keep depending on to make your world all roses and sunshine. However, the simple fact is, there is no super being coming down to do anything, to help anyone or to bring justice to the evil on this planet.

    But animals, especially pets, should be given the same respect and life as a human being. To claim one is more important than the other all depends on your perspective. I find a growing number of humans to be far lower forms of life than even a cockroach. Why would you save any of those monsters and leave it up to your false God to enact punishment. If God was real, this would never have happened in the first place. And please do not say "Its God's will" Because that is a cop out. Your all loving God would never allow such attrocoties of innocent lives

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