WWE News: Roman Reigns Should 'Enjoy' The Boos According To Jake 'The Snake' Roberts

WWE News: Roman Reigns Should ‘Enjoy’ The Boos According To Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts

Roman Reigns has seen the WWE Universe grow louder and louder with the boos against him despite the company trying to push him as their biggest face in the company. Even when Braun Strowman was brutalizing him on Monday Night Raw last week, fans were chanting “you deserve it” to the former member of The Shield.

WWE Hall of Fame superstar Jake “The Snake” Roberts appeared on the Roman Show and said that he feels that Roman Reigns is in an interesting spot right now and should be enjoying the booing. Roberts even said that Reigns should actively try to play up to them.

“Enjoy it. Why in God’s name would you try to change what the masses want? Let them hate just pay me while you are doing it. Pull hair eye gauge do what you have to do.”

What many fans don’t seem to recognize is that Roman Reigns has been playing up to the booing lately. On the night following WrestleMania 33, after Roman Reigns beat The Undertaker and possibly retired the WWE legend, he stood in the ring and watched the crowd boo him for almost 10 minutes.

WWE News: Roman Reigns Should 'Enjoy' The Boos According To Jake 'The Snake' Roberts
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Roman Reigns even pretended that he was feeding the audience and had them completely under his control – which he possibly did. Roman has said that he doesn’t care if the fans boo him or cheer him as long as they react to him in some way at all. While the WWE wants fans to love Reigns, the fact they are so loud means that they are doing something right.

It also plays into something that former WWE writer and current Impact Wrestling writer Bruce Prichard said about Vince McMahon. According to Prichard, McMahon is stubborn and hates it when anyone tells him that someone he thinks is big does not have the “It” factor with the fans.

Bruce Prichard was talking about this on his latest podcast Something to Wrestle With Bruce Prichard. In the episode, Prichard said that Vince McMahon reacts harshly to anyone who questions who he places in the top roles of the WWE.

“By God, come hell or high water, he’s going to prove you wrong. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. It doesn’t matter how much money it costs. It doesn’t matter at whose expense it is expended upon. He’s going to prove you wrong.”

Roman Reigns has an “It” factor in the WWE but the fans have not accepted him because of the way the WWE has pushed him to the top. It all started when the WWE pushed Roman over Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumble and they refused to support him against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania that year.

WWE News: Roman Reigns Should 'Enjoy' The Boos According To Jake 'The Snake' Roberts
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The WWE tried to replicate the angle that made Daniel Bryan one of the top stars in the company by having Triple H and Stephanie McMahon screw him over at every step but that didn’t work either and many fans even cheered the evil Triple H when Roman Reigns finally beat him for the WWE world title that year.

In a recent appearance on Talk is Jericho, Roman Reigns was asked about his favorite matches of his career. One of the opponents he said he loved to work with was Sheamus because he was one of the few people recently that actually had fans cheering Roman in the matches.

Even with Braun Strowman destroying people in the WWE, the fans over the last two weeks feel that they would rather boo the monster heel and chant that Roman Reigns deserves the beating rather than cheer Vince McMahon’s anointed one.

As Jake “The Snake” Roberts said, this is a time that Roman Reigns needs to embrace the booing from the fans. However, with the amount of money that Roman brings into the WWE, there seems to be little chance that the company pushes Reigns as a heel despite the fan’s rejections.

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