Puma ad finds critics

Kylie Controversy: Why The Latest Kylie Jenner Puma Ad Has Runners Miffed And How Kendall Can Relate

Leave it to the Kardashian-Jenner clan to stir up controversy even when unintended. First, Kendall received backlash after appearing in what has been described as essentially a downright mess of a Pepsi ad, which was pulled within the first 24 hours, Kylie has since sparked controversy due to the latest Puma campaign she has appeared in.

Previous Puma ads that have featured Kylie as the face of the brand have involved a more edgy and fashion-based concept. The latest ad, however, presents Kylie in the form of a runner, leaping through the air in running gear. The new campaign has runners a bit miffed and voicing their frustrations over the famous family’s constant need to appropriate certain cultures and lifestyles.

Business Insider relays details about the response to this latest Puma campaign.

“Harmless, yeah? Well to the running community, and people who apparently take running very, very seriously, it’s not. This seemingly normal activewear campaign is getting called out because people don’t like that she’s perhaps posing in place of a professional track and field star…because we guess she’s not a professional track and field star…and this offends them.”

Although it all seems a bit trivial, it’s also understandable that individuals who pride themselves on being skilled runners or who respect professional athletes, would be frustrated with yet another member of the KUWTK crew misrepresenting. As BI states, the reaction to Kylie’s ad is very similar to Kendall’s Vogue shoot within which she posed as a ballerina.

“In that instance, people were calling the shoot out for appropriating dance culture and calling out the photoshoot’s creators for not using an actual ballerina. In this case with Kylie, people are calling out Puma for not using someone who is actually an athlete and runs professionally, like Usain Bolt or Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, too. “

It’s unlikely that brands will give up making the Kardashian-Jenner girls their faces seeing as each comes with a huge following attached. Even those who are not fans secretly can’t help but check out what these reality star sisters are up to. It’s clearly also a matter of how many haters the Jenner sisters have, seeing as other celebrities have posed as fitness enthusiasts and athletes without being either and received no backlash. As BI reminds, Beyonce is not an athlete and appeared as one in ads for her own fashion brand Ivy Park. Perhaps it makes it more acceptable when the brand is owned by the celebrity posing.

Although Kylie is in the hot seat for her ad, Kendall Jenner is still reportedly devastated over the Pepsi drama. The model made her first public appearance along with Kylie at Coachella this weekend and although she was on point in regard to fashion, the beauty did not seem herself and looked unhappy. Onlookers and insiders link her mood to the Pepsi ad which may have hurt Jenner’s reputation in the now, but the model will likely land gigs and bounce back without issue in the near future.

People shares details about Kendall’s Coachella mood.

” The model and her sister Kylie Jenner teamed up to host dating app Bumble’s Winter Bumbleland Coachella party on Saturday, but the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star had a frown that refused to turn upside-down. ‘Kendall did not look happy,’ a source tells PEOPLE. ‘She was hanging out alone on a corner couch in the VIP area with Hailey Baldwin and staring at her phone.'”

The backlash that occurred after the Pepsi ad was released is said to have affected the beauty deeply. The ad was described as “tone-deaf” and pretty well nonsensical. An insider close to the model shared that Jenner is looking to “lay low” until talk of the ad blows over. She apparently has the support of her famous family.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week]